Coming soon


Actually, we were going to release it on Tuesday at 4PM but the leak of course rushed it a bit.


Still waiting for the epic performance of Cenk using Model:Samples
It’s Elektrons only hope.


Baseck’s video was epic enough, I reckon.


Clearly bluffing. Can’t want for the Elektron Omnitrack, which combines MD, MNM, OT, AR, A4, DN, DT and AH in a single box with ARMKii form factor. Priced $499 RRP. :+1:


That sounds very realistic to me :slight_smile:

The thing that helps me stay calm with all the ‘coming soon’ NAMM announcements is that coming even sooner to me is a mint condition A4mk2 for 950USD. I’m picking it up around 5pm US Central time and am very stoked :slight_smile:


Double negative?


Interesting… :thinking:

(just doing this before someone else inevitably does)


Under SoundWave:

Registered: Thursday, July 26, 2018

Instruments (Musical -); Musical instruments; Organs [musical instruments]; Electronic musical instruments; Electric musical instruments; Recorders [musical instruments]; Mechanical musical instruments; Keyboard instruments [musical]; Synthesizers [musical instruments]; Keys for musical instruments; Electronically operated musical instruments; Computer controlled musical instruments; Electric keyboards [musical instruments]; Electronic keyboards [musical instruments]; Electronic musical apparatus and instruments; Musical instruments controlled by microprocessor; Musical instruments controlled by computer.


this is the only one of the filings that has keyboard listed on it. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO


There’s only one Soundwave


yeah… and as a VST only. That’s the reason why we buy hardware, right?



A shirt with some of those tite icons, or box logos.



Do OS updates count as products?


If my dream comes true and the MD engines get ported to Takt and MnM engines to Tone, that’s not technically new products, right?


keep dreamin bud … like the rest of us :slight_smile:


So… NAMM 2019 doors have now been opened for 1h37 minutes. Haven’t they?
This silence is deafening.





what a jerk! :joy:


Gentlemen, it’s early in the race… So far it looks like Behringer is in the lead! JMHO…:slightly_smiling_face:


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But can we expect that next Elektron product will be one of these?

Model: Beats

Model: Grooves

Model: Drums



Hopefully Digistrike or Soundwave comes before more ”Models”.