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Hold on. Is an OS update also a “product” for elektron?


Nothing more to see here, this thread is dead :joy:


NAMM 2019 Cuckoo preview of the DigiMono


I wonder how much productivity this just thread costed…


Peanuts compared to main stream social media moguls.


This page looks a lot more like working than any of colleagues screens do


Is it???




Damn you ! :joy:


Hehehe sorry :sweat_smile:


In regards to Namm is everything shown on the first day? Or do news breaks come out anytime?


The non-Elektron-staff moderators receive zero prior information about Elektron announcements.

I personally inagine that there will be no further product announcements from Elektron at NAMM. Another potential reason for delay in closure of this topic is that I have barely been able to log in during the past 48 h because the forum has had so much traffic.


Yep - SImon has suggested no more :3lektron: products - I guess it’s fair to let folk read the above and reply - then it’ll be closed when it fizzles out




Really Elektron should not have leaked the Model till Namm. If they’e got no other products coming they are going to have no bullets to fire now.


they didn’t leak it though !


You do know the definition of “leak” right :smiley:


No smoke without fire


It looks like it was an actual leak, one of the retailers showed the product before the official announcement and then Elektron was forced to announce it themselves before NAMM.

Also, the duration of Cenk’s “The Digitakt Experience” video was 16:13 but for “Model:Samples Experience” was 1:14 and you can notice it was done in a rush. I think that’s another proof that confirms the leak theory.


Yup. The fact a few hours before Simon was merrily giving away cryptic clues i think it caught him by surprise too.


Too many products leak for me to remotely believe it’s not bullshit. I thought it was the industry standard way of hype building. Obviously the hype falls on it’s arse if the product is worse than the build up though