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Crap :confused:


I hope so.


it’s just disappointment I think … obviously they can and will do whatever they want


Well said. Hate the game not the player.


I can see being disappointed, if you’re really chomping for something new and amazing. I get that. However, in that case why not just state it that way. From purely the perspective of the part of me that’s nerdy and loves to see shiny new technology, sure, I guess I’m a little disappointed too. However, that doesn’t mean the M:S isn’t a pretty cool device at a friendly price-point. I’ve seen it as low as $399 for pre-order. I think it has it’s place. It also looks like fun. I’d buy it just for that fun factor, completely independent of the rest of my studio. I’m considering it actually just for remote musical fun. Nothing serious.

Another thing that I think about is really, beyond pushing specs, voice counts, etc. what are we really waiting for as electronic musicians that would really change the way we work and compose? There are tons of devices. Tons of modules for modulars. Tons of sequencers. Tons of methods of synthesis represented available to all of us RIGHT NOW.

As time goes on, I see less and less chances of being just blown away with some surprise technology. Anything you could want, you can pretty much get at this moment.

The differences, and the places that could still see some interesting changes are the ways in which things are combined, packaged, and controlled I would think. Also maybe ways that we interface one thing to another. However, if you want a gorgeous analog synth, you can buy one. If you want a complex wavetable synth, you can go pick one up. (even one that’s decades old) If you want a VA with a hundred voices, you can get that.

I’d love to see a modern MonoMachine approach that pushes specs, voice counts, adds some popular synthesis types, adds more interesting logic to the sequencer, keeps it relatively easy to use, and wraps it all up in a neat little package. Hopefully we’ll see something like that. In the meantime though, we’re hardly hurting IMO.


Any positive/negative views should be seen as constructive criticism. Can’t think of a better way to make something better


But that would be again new product …and he said it is not coming from a new product …uff


Well, I was maybe exaggerating a bit for effect but I guess the point was that song mode is a feature and if people think a specific feature being missing is a flaw, I can see a counter point that in some circumstances the presence of a feature (to the exclusion of another) would also be a flaw. But everything is flawed to a greater or lesser extent and it’s very much in the eye of the beholder as to what those flaws are and if it impacts on their desire for an instrument.

Speaking specifically about song mode and I get that it was a common feature for many years and that it will have many people who rely on it. But for many years before that it wasn’t a feature and since then, and indeed in parallel, there are so many other ways for similar results to be achieved. So, again, I think this is very much a personal choice for any musician and Elektron will make decisions as to what they want to sell and ultimately they’ll grow or wane depending on how many people view that feature as an important buying decision.

And I hope that I’m not being judgemental about what people wish to discuss. I actually enjoy reading the discourse as it challenges me to think differently about things which helps me learn and grow. I do think some people (not necessarily yourself) can get overly animated about what they perceive as shortcomings and then the language starts getting pejorative… but I wouldn’t want them to self-censor or such like. Just thinking that a more open discussion is better for all folks. Like I think ours has been on this… for me just thinking about song mode over the last day or so has been interesting because I’ve ignored it for years. Maybe I’ll give a it go next time I’m working on some music to see if I get anything fresh out of it this time.


Thinking now of how I record my drums, I always track them in real-time while adding motion / ctrl-al type movement. This device actually might really work for me, considering the controls are all laid out up front. I was about to spring for a Korg ER-1, on second thought. Here’s to hoping the price gets down to $300. I’ll pay that. And it seems a little more durable so my daughter can bang on it. Wonder if you can use the LFO to control the swing amount…


This. It’s all about this.

The day users/target customers stop talking about a company and its products, is the day they become irrelevant. The most important feedback is not the one who praise, but criticise. You won’t criticise anything you don’t care, and you would want to tell what you’re thinking to the ones you really care, be it a person or a company(team of people).


So this guy triggers a 2min vocal sample… Seems it doesnt have the 30sec sample limit of the Digitakt!


Digitakt has a 33 seconds limit for recording
Sample limit is 64 MB on both M:S and Digitakt.


no such limit on the DT. sampling time is limited, not time for a single sample (so you can still load longer samples via usb)


beat me to it :slight_smile:


wtf… Mind blown. All this time I didn’t know this… Had a DT since launch


Guess because I do a lot of sampling from other gear straight into the DT I just got it in my head there was a 30sec limit. Good to know I can sample into Ableton then copy to the DT if I want longer samples :grin:


Can we plock the sample start too?


:musical_note:How many samples you got?
A lot
How long they be?
A lot
How man beats can you make on this thang?
A lot🎵


Of course!


Internet high 5 then!