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Whats the deal on the Model and OB again? Sorry for prob redundancy…

Sounds like no deal, at least for now. It works as an audio interface, though, although it’s unclear whether it gives you the stereo outs or the individual tracks. My guess is the former.

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Thats one thing i can not figure…standalone its fast and accessible, with OB its opens up interest to the «pro user» and everybody would prob get it since OB increases value of machine zillion-fold…i have the DT and OT and i still want it because i understand what that tweakability would mean with OB…

There’s quite a few things I don’t understand and I’m sure Elektron have their reasons for things being the way they are. Next to no Overbridge it’s the fact they don’t show the battery pack(s) yet or give us the price point.

The anticlimax here and elsewhere was inevitable, it always is when traditionally boutique manufacturers go in a mass market direction. It was the same when DT was released and now y’all raving about it, give it a year and people will be the same on this.

What many of the naysayers don’t get is that this thing is about workflow not features (plenty of boxes for that already). Once people start to understand it, attitudes will change.


Remember when Simon said, “the wobble doesn’t come from the new product,” and someone else said, "everyone will want it and the OT users will be happy.

My prediction is:

There will be another “BOX” with several inputs and FX for each channel. A kind of mixer.


I thought the “everyone will want it and the OT users will be happy” was debunked By Simon himself…?

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I feel like this is only half the story, and we might still see a Model:Keys tomorrow. Remember Simon posting the 2 icon, and Elektron being on the NAMM list for a sampler and a keyboard synth?

im still waiting for another thing being announced, be it hardware or OB, something that is targeted more to current Elektron users.


Thanks for sloppy PS, but even in black it doesn’t make it. I wish Elektron with earn a lot of money with that and make new flagship products with old form factor but…

I painted it black! 2x1 form factor. :wink:

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Then straight in…imagine having that when your 15!


Given that Simon’s appears to be an Ableton user and that track can be found on Elektron‘s SoundCloud page as well as him saying the wobble was added purely for distraction I wouldn‘t get my hopes up.

Yeah it was added in Ableton. Sorry for any confusion, I just wanted to add to the mystery of the rabbit hole links.


Does anybody think that the OS could be updated so that one of the tracks can be a slice track? 6 slices using the 6 pads?

I dont know anything about these matters at all obviously

This is the last time i day it i swear but if this had sampling functionality and even one slice track it would be an incredible machine

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As a Digitakt and one pair of hands owner this is not for me, sure would like individual track mutipliers though.
This is not really aimed at owners of exsisting sample based Elektron gear imo, might be usefull to A4, Digitone owners or wealthy folk who want travel gear to play outside their normal setup, but I expect the bulk of sales will go to those with no Elektron gear.

Does anyone know the sample size limit on the sampler

It is $399 here

I just like things with knobs on it. Like the fader fox, mapping a bunch of stuff there to avoid page jumping, but I dont mind that either. I like the retrig having it’s own button

I hear you!