Coachella 2019


Fuck those people for dressing kinda quirky and trying to squeeze out a living in the arts I guess

Edit: and for being queer


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You’re still confused? That’s not my problem then.

Oh, and everybody can make fun on anybody. It’s not forbidden. Why so serious?

As a good German comedian once said: everybody got the right to be discriminated.


That’s the thing. These kind of people aren’t subculture in any way.

But I realized that this place is getting quite unfunky and serious when you make some fun like this.

The hitten dog barks…


If i has to guess: whatever’s popular, like most people


Thank God I’m not like most people then.


Hardly anyone is


I’m not going to Coachella, I live in the UK. seeing AFX at a big festival like that would be ok, but I think there’s something lost when half the people there have little or no interest in who’s playing. I saw AFX at bangface in Cornwall in 2012. It was a small festival based around electronic music, so pretty much everyone there was into aphex. It was a very special thing to see.
I’m a bit old and jaded for big corporate festivals these days, I’ll leave it to the youth (except for bangface, which remains a yearly pilgrimage).