Coachella 2019


Looks like Coachella lineup has been announced. Looks like Aphex Twin will be there! Would love to see Weezer as well. Get your Tix fast, they’ll be gone soon. Here’s the lineup.


i always wanted to see my underground heroes between ariana grande and khalid …


Certainly got a bittersweet taste to it.



The irony, hah


I think one of the evil ( not really ) corporations are streaming the shows.

Very few acts interest me in that list , but it’s a good list of current big western acts.


How is Charlotte Gainsbourg and Hot Since 82 a smaller name than Jaden Smith? What hashish was the promoter smoking ?


“smaller name” = smaller number of IG followers


I just don’t get it. There are some names on there whose entire existence is in opposition to the things that guy supports, let alone the handful of others who pay lip service to movements. The payday / exposure must be incredible.


Soul for sale: make offer.

Good god, what a disgusting train wreck of musical genres too. There are some genuinely good names on this list floating among a heap of mainstream turds.


The almighty dollar. Many artists may just virtue signal for the cause they rally behind, but at the end of the day, gotta get paid. Hypocrisy at its finest.

And to your point about the “payday” the basic weekend ticket for a single individual is $429. So yeah, the payday is more than likely incredible.


3 day pass and you could get a RYTM II with the money spent.


Or you could just drop $15,000 on your unused eurorack system. Who cares, just spend some of that trust fund money so you have something to do between mega corporate festivals.


I’ll go see Tycho next time he plays in the Bay Area. More intimate setting, plus way less money. I can’t handle big crowds like Coachella well, nor can I afford it for the 3/4 acts I’d like to see.


I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this. Almost spit out my coffee


I didn’t notice Tycho on the flyer. Yeah, I’d like to see them, Aphex, Tame Impala, Diplo and Four Tet but not in this venue.


I would like to think that some of these names did some serious soul searching - and that they know way more than me - when ultimately deciding to sign the dotted line. But I might be naive…


He’s not on there. I was only stating that because he does many shows in the Bay and he’s an artist I really enjoy. Better use of my money and less of a travel.


Wow, I always saw Coachella as a “something for everyone” music festival, which I don’t see anything wrong with it, but seems like a lot of folks here are pretty against it.


I’m only really against the cost in general. It’s unfortunate they don’t have a 1 day pass. There’s enough acts to entertain me solid for a day, a weekend is overkill for me. Plus travel time is a downside.