Coachella 2019


I read somewhere Frank Ocean had received a great deal of inspiration for a song he was working on after he heard Aphex Twin’s Alberto Balsalm.


This does look great and I’m long overdue returning to Barcelona. Boy do I get along with that city :heart_eyes:


Damn, Objekt on day 1, Cardi B the next day, then HUGE DANNY at the tail end? This is already better. :clap:t3::clap:t3::rotating_light::rotating_light:



The One Hipster to Rule Them All

As a (failed) musician/artist within the struggle of failure, I never understood the necessity of criticizing people to be hipsters(also, it appeared as though criticizing hipsters was the hip & trendy thing to do)(ironic)

Also, if you want to see success in the arts, it seemed like you needed to curry favor with the hipsters.

Also, I’ve gotten some great music recommendations from hipsters in addition to being introduced to delicious beers.

Eh, I dunno, like, whatever.

To the point of the OP- whenever I see great artists on line ups like this I’m partially regretful that I don’t enjoy music festivals and that live music doesn’t make sense to me. And I don’t have the mental/spiritual wherewithal to get drunk enough to the point of jackassery to enjoy such an event anymore.


I went to a music festival once thinking it would be a better bang for the buck. The problem is the band you like who isn’t headlining may only get a 30-45 minute set due to time constraints. I would rather watch that act at a single show and get the hour and a half to two hour show. It’s usually cheaper since they are an indie band plus you may get a meet and greet after the show.



(Except I’m still left at live music not making sense to me.)


Ive never understood it either. I can understand people disliking pretentious, condescending behavior. But to disparage anybody who likes a good coffe, beer or band is confusing.


Smaller festivals are where its at. People are chill and bands walk around unhindered.

Its when it becomes big enough to be worth a hashtag and attracts the worst of humanity ( ) that maybe its no longer about the music.


Freerotaion is the embodiment of an amzing small festival. My favoutie festival.


the last festival i went to was sonar , i dont think i’ll go again.
its a good festival , well run , clean venues with good sound , but despite being ‘open air’ it seems everyone smokes which does my head in . it just smells bad once the crowd grows… i start getting a little claustrophobic and no matter where i went to bounce/dance around , a train of people would wonder past and get in my way… i’m not a violent person but was very close to going mental at people when jon hopkins was on…
much of the audience seemed to want to just smoke and chat to each other /next to me , the music was just something they tried to shout over.

and then often good acts would be lined up at different stages at the same time.
then theres the food / drink / toilets to deal with… i start to feel like i’m paying to enter a venue so that they can rip me off for every euro possible.
it didnt bother me as much many years ago , but at the moment i cant be bothered anymore. i think i prefer smaller gigs , luckily a lot of bands play in london so i can often get tickets if i want to go…even though i had bought tickets to see plaid and the RPM festival a few times, and didn’t bother going.


This is a much more interesting and varied list. Do you need to camp for Primavera?


No, it’s a city festival so you need to book accommodation.


Ok anybody here going? Might actually go for this


As for me, hipster is not meant as an insult.
I mean, people called me “punk” back then and I was like “yeah man, you’re damn right”.

But when you call your typical hipster (c’mon, you all know which kind of person I mean) a ‘hipster’, they’re like “no no noooo, I’m not a hipster”.

I have no problem with these kind of people. I’m just wondering what these ppl stand for.


What people? Can you describe a hipster? Because in the past years it’s just become a catch-all expression for ‘someone I don’t like’


Exactly. We see this time and again, and it isn’t even worth pretending that somehow we’d be different, basic good old fashioned human greed, we are all hypocrites, it is in our DNA and it drives survival. Cynical perhaps, but still true no matter how uncomfortable.


Well, these kind of people…




Yeah I don’t see anything in this video to warrant calling these people dickheads.

Is it cause they use synths for music that’s not the genre the videomakers like? Is it cause they get on guests lists? Is it cause they wear suspenders? I’m still confused…

EDIT: tbh i would call the people who made that video dickheads before i call their subjects dickheads. I mean producing a whole video and song to insult people who afaict did nothing but be who they want to be? What is that?


Its called observational comedy, its not new or serious.