Coachella 2019


I don’t take an issue with the cost. If a chunk of the lineup does well by you, add in probably a damn fine festival experience, it could be a good deal.

My issue is what that money actually funds in the end.


They soul searched for .4 milleseconds
… and noone cares about the politics, it isn’t Facebook…this is where all that gets dismissed in a wink and nod, all that posturing was a gag for the low-renters to feed on to be in the loop.
Meanwhile, we are living the dream, suckers.


Spreading PLUR, sponsored by Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Exxon. Keeping it real.



:open_mouth: :astonished:


its often easy to see issues with anything these days , though i type that while using apple , wearing nike , eating meat , living in the uk (the govt are quite happy selling arms/guns etc … like many other countries) , using plastic bags . i do what i can as i’m sure many people do.

so there are many many other areas to look at which happens every day , a concert over a couple of weekends is barely touching the surface… the eco warrior people will be enjoying their poppers , , mdma , cocaine and weed pointing fingers at the corporations ,

i cant imagine its as bad as that documentary i saw on EDM in vegas (it was on netflix i think ) , that looked like a hell hole of exploitation…

that headline is interesting … his ‘anti marijuana’ stance would be completely in line with many countries around the world , including the uk… but i haven’t read it. I’m sure there are huge areas of many countries that still think lgbt issues are against religion/morals/whatever they hold on to… … i’m not condoning/agreeing with his stance , i guess its just a matter of perspective and where you are/how you look at the headlines.

i’m quite sure its sold out already .


i‘m still questioning myself if aphex twin and four tet really want to play between this kind of line up, or is it so easy to prostitute them?
don‘t they have managers who are advicing not destroy their own reputation?
or is it something like offering their music to a bigger audience?

thumbs up to every artist i‘ve been growing up, who‘s not selling his soul!


Way off topic considering this seemed initially to be a post to show a lineup.

‘Selling your soul’ can be different to many People… Aphex has been on adverts , he sold umbrellas and fluffy teddy bears recently. It’s entirely between him and his manager / bank balance.


“Peace to every single rapper on this whole earth,
Sell Outs got no worth, I think they better go soul search”

SHOW & AG - Goodfellas LP (1996)

I always remember Andre’s verse whenever I see line-up like this.


i think Aphex will smash the Hipster Crowd with one his Brutal Hardcore Noise Sets and smile diabolical…imagine the Faces of people like Paris Hilton and Jaden Smith when a Sound Inferno like this start

really i hope he is doing this beautiful Noise Inferno from the first Minute of the Show till its end.


Doesn’t real hardcore hipsters admire AFX to the fullest? I regularly see hipsters in the record Shop with his logo tattooed.


That’s what I’m saying, bring 'em all in for a dry run of one final blowout before the whole shithouse goes up…the hipsters, the punks, the goths, rivetheads, yuppies, hip hoppers, ravers, whatever and then if they still got beef they can work it out old school in the parking lot.


Part of Coachella’s thing is getting artist with cultish followings who don’t play live often to do so at their event. Aphex Twin makes total sense in that respect.


agree…unfortunetly, I suspect money we spend in the economy at some point is funneled/ends up in places/pockets of corporations, individuals etc…we may not support.


Extremely often. Dig deep enough and you’ll find a reason to boycott most corporations. Is it ethical and virtuous, Yes. Is it realistic, Not in the least bit. Speakig with your pocket book is the best thing you could do, it may not make a dent in the operation you stand in opposition of though.


sometime I wonder our boycotts are futile considering the all pervasive nature of the corporate structure.


sometime I wonder our boycotts are futile considering the all pervasive nature of the corporate structure.


ive listened to aphex since 90 i think , i got ambient works 1st pressing on r&s etc , but when he plays his hardcore noise sets i just think its bullshit and go somewhere else.

if you want a pretentious piece of shit , just listen to someone playing sandpaper in an art gallery… i think he was laughing all the way to the bank on that one .

i guess i’m past using ‘hipster’ as an insult , it’s used to describe anyone/everyone … those who drink fresh coffee , beer from micro brewery , home made chocolates , plaid shirts , curly mustache , beard , dreads blah blah blah… whatever ‘you’ think you are , you are very likely to be a generic version of your sub set , you are very unlikely to be unique in any way… even with your clock / dragon / tech icon /castle / marvel tattoo (i think i’d try to gnaw my arm off if i woke up one morning with any of those but i’m quite sure a large percentage of tattoo’d people on here might think theyre cool ) …
While calling others ‘hipster’ is a bit of a giggle , someone somewhere is probably using the same term to describe you too… how is it worse that being called goth , emo etc …its just another category of sheeple.

i think i’m Old now … i dont claim to be unique either…

and isnt it weird to use hipster as an insult when this music forum is likely to have many discussions on how aphex / other artist have eq’d their snare drum … surely thats beyond hipster , its next level geeky nerd…


Nothing wrong with this lineup, y’all are just old and cranky :stuck_out_tongue:

Primavera looks better anyway, at least if you’re in Europe. Something for everyone this year.


apparat , modeselektor , erykah badu , roisin murphy …
seems fine… barcelona is nice too.



The contemporary attention paid to RDJ is imo in large part due to the exposure he’s attained recently by way of the few fests he’s done (and of course his reputation that came with the reemergence). Just the other day Frank Ocean was on IG wearing one of his wares.

I mean it does speak a lot to the broad taste this generation has when the top festival finds enough marketable reasoning to book Analord.

AFX never really taken an explicit stand on anything so I’m not really upset he’s on the bill.