Clock Out Question

Today I use my Digitakt as a MIDI Master clock for my modular system. The clock and the reset signal works well as expected but the clock is continous, don’t stop when I pause the Digitakt. Is possible to do this?

Some machines stop sending clock when the transport is halted, many don’t work this way … I see more advantages to it sending, so I guess the DT will be like the other Elektrons in this regard and it may not change

Have you explored Din-Sync options as an alternative

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Hi guys!
I have one question about midi din sync functionality.
In this option does it send pulses according to programmed sequences or just clock or what? :slight_smile:
Does it send the same signals to din sync 1 and din sync 2 ?

see above (searching first helps btw) … it is a clock standard

Both switchable ports can have either din 24 or 48 independently

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Oh yeah I didnt check sorry.

Thanks You for answer :slight_smile: . I’m new with CV and modulars and DT manual says preety less about that.

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I recently used the Digitakt’s midi LFO as a clock to a baby 8 mod sequencer. I did this using a Midimuso Octex CV to midi convertor. I bought a din to minijack cable, but the Digitakt’s 24 and 48 din clock are too fast for the baby 8 sequencer. So using the Midimuso with the Digitakt’s midi LFO set to pitch, I can send a slower clock and also mess around the the LFO setting to have more control over clock to my baby 8. This LFO midi clock method also works using Bitwig, since it has a bunch of midi controller outputs. The Midimuso Octex is really useful to have the Digitakt control modular gear, especially clock.