Classic breaks?

I’m looking for HQ samples of classic breaks (like amen etc) for chopping and messing with. Anything used in hip hop, d&b, 90s house etc. Anyone have a good source? Would prefer not YouTube since stuff from there doesn’t sounds great imo

I think in this age of lawsuits and copyright infringements you’ll have to search…alternative…sources for the real deal.

But it’s out there.


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Hi, you could “grab” them from the web, of course, but I bought this CDs and sampled them

or my recommendation

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I tend to dig into my old vinyls but you could also search out old un-mixed compilation CD’s

There was a series released in the 90’s called ‘The Breaks’ with full versions of the songs that donated their beats for the greater good. Not sure how many volumes there were, I bought Vol. 1 when it came out.

Alternatively you could pick up some VDrums and bang a few out of your own! Worked for me. Sadly I no longer have my VDrums, only a classic Premier kit.


Tracklib is a great resource for things like these. High quality audio and very reasonable licensing fees (usually $1.99 USD)


also, while we’re here, SHITTY IS PRETTY, yo.


Search Blue Mar Ten jungle jungle sample pack


Ned Rush patreon ?

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Hi all,

Where do people get their breaks?

I tried downloading a bunch of free stuff online from multiple places and the breaks are either incomplete or sound like total crap.

Where can I get some decent breaks? I’m just after all the classics like amen etc etc etc

I don’t want to just sample stuff I hear because of copyright.


Have you tried the Bluemarten jungle jungle free pack?

Also check out the grid section of the Dogsonacid forum

Search jungle warfare 1 also

Amen break is also avaible via the free sounds website I think too

YouTube should have decent sound if it’s a recent upload, I think. But to be fair Im not the pickiest when it comes to samples, in fact I’m a big fan of strange distortion and artifacts, etc.

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This thread made me curious to see a list of the top sampled breaks. I find the quality of a streaming service + blackhole (Mac audio routing) good enough for my use.

Tons of free classic drumloops here:

(you’ll need to scroll down a bit)

If you have Logic and just want some breaks and don’t want to worry about copyright, Logic’s loop library has quite a few nice breaks. You can also use Logic’s Drummer plugin to create unique breaks to chop up.