Chord-Arps/-Patterns like "Barker" - HOW?


His homemade plate reverb looks awesome, anyone got any experience with building one of these?

Barkers Plate reverb.jpg


Thank you so much :heart: now i just have to buy Blocks prime, but the FREE Reaktor Player should do it, right?

I was so excited and then He didnt even use LPGs and the stuff we were talking about Here :blush::blush:

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Google ‘diy plate reverb’. There are a few nice youtube videos as well (including the Ikea diy plate reverb^^).

The idea of using a metal frame so the plate can be mounted on a wall is great.
Having solenoids mounted on the side of the frame is awesome. These could even be triggered by midi.

Analog four audio input is pretty good for this

Ha yes the ikea hack looks very do-able!

I have the full version of Reaktor, but I think that’s the case, I think that was kind of the whole point of Native Instruments moving to the racks/blocks setup. But I’d probably check with Native Instruments before dropping the cash.

hah yeah it turns out he’s just really skilled. I think a good chunk of those sounds were samples from the OT though so who knows

@spikysimon wow that could be an original hahaha!!! <3

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Barker released a list of all the tracks he’s played out this year

I discovered Barker through the Debiasing record which was recommended to me on Spotify. I can’t honestly say that I’ve enjoyed listening to it in the background but I’ve really enjoyed deep listening to it and pulling apart the different elements. I’ve really enjoyed taking in the rhythmic push and pull he managed to get out of his gear, never heard anything like it. Had I known he was going for a conceptual take on electronic music eschewing the typical four to the floor beats I would have taken it more seriously.

At 5.30 mins Barker shows off how he programs his patterns on the octatrack a bit. He uses an LFO to modulate the filter. Do you think this would be possible on the Digitakt as well, since there is only high- and lowpass available? Any other ideas how to do it on the digitakt?
Thaaanks and Love :slight_smile:

I’d love to get hold of that midi file of 64 chords. Anyone know of anything similar for download?

There are lots of resources out there if you google things like ‘midi chord pack free’ etc.

A tutorial and free chord pack example:

But why not roll your own? You’ll learn much more doing it yourself and it’ll be unique to you



Of course, I could roll my own. But if there’s already a file out there with every combo of major/minor/7th/9th/diminished etc… then that would be cool.

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This was recommended over in the Barker thread regarding his use of OT:

Scaler 2

Bought it last night and it is amazing! Anything you could ever want for chords and progressions. Layout a progression then drag it into a MIDI track. It’s dead simple.