Changing Patterns Instantly (newbie)

I’m a new octatrack user just getting started on the manual. I’ve been making stuff just by learning from YouTube the past week however.

I’m starting a studio project with a friend and wondering if and how I can change to a completely new pattern or sequence instantly, so as to have A and B (or C D E F etc) parts to a song. I know I can find this out from the manual, but I’d like to know where, or if anyone has a simple workaround with this. I’m asking so I can find out quickly, since this is the task I’m currently working on and not sure if it’s even possible

2 steps minimum for pattern change, so there’s no instant change, like with A4/AR.
Are you using another sequencer to control it?

Beware with “Part” term, it can be confusing. :wink:

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If you want a pre-determined song structure, you can use the OT’s Arranger mode to determine the sequence of patterns throughout the song.


And these could be pre-programmed sequences, correct?

Yes, those would be the patterns that you have previously made.

Arranger is amazing get into it

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Here you go!