Stop/Start for instant pattern change

if the sequencer is stopped the pattern change will be instant - so technically it’s possible if you’re really fast and coordinated!


Interesting idea. I tried, it’s pretty fast indeed, but difficult with OT only for almost instant change ! I can program it with a midi processor, I wonder if there is a minimum latency needeed between midi events… Flagged

surprisingly it was very easy to do manually - just cue up the pattern change before stopping the sequencer, it will change to the cued pattern upon stopping, and then you just immediately restart the sequencer, all you need is a little bit of flam action finger drumming style on the sequencer buttons right after you cue up your pattern


Yeah first I tried Stop Pattern Play. Very hard!
Much easier with Pattern cue Stop Play! :smile:

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Not with this method :slight_smile:
Changes straight away, like volca sample
(Restrictions apply!)

Separate track patterns. Is it possible?

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Funny I already flagged your link. :wink:
Didn’t try / understood yet.

But guess what, with a midi processor, if you send PC/STOP/START, you have instant pattern change ! :beer: :champagne:

I just tried, it’s late, but I can’t wait to change patterns with an arpegiator! :loopy:
Things like @void generative patterns can be done with OT :slight_smile:


I want to click [Like] a bunch more times.

Thank you!!


I’d like to like people trying and confirming it ! :slight_smile:

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This also works for jumping to the start of the current pattern. I haven’t had much need on the OT but on other sequencers I’ve done it a lot over the years, and you get to a point where you can basically play a flam with two fingers on the stop and play buttons to stop and restart in a single motion (one finger hits stop and the other hits play an instant later, but the actual movement is your hand and arm, not your fingers). I think the OT MKI would be really well suited for this because of the action of the buttons.


I haven’t tested it with the Pyramid directly (not in the studio right now), but I just tested using MTPro sending to the OT:

Incoming: MIDI B8 00 pp B8 20 ss C8 qq
Outgoing: MIDI FC B8 00 pp B8 20 ss C8 qq FA

Where OT AutoChannel=09, pp=MSB BankChange value, ss=LSB BankChange value, qq=Pattern#/PgmChg value

All works as expected, although I think there might be some audio delay (the attack of the sample on the very first beat) gets a bit munched, but that might be my “quick & durty” Patterns I made to test this. Or it may be my imagination. A bit low blood sugar here because: well past lunchtime

Edit to Add: I set up the Translator to recognise MSB & LSB because I’m using Ableton to send the data to MTPro. Ableton at least always sends both it seems. Will have to test circumstances with the Pyramid, but as noted in other threads: I’m new to the Pyramid (Pyran00b?)

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Here’s an annoying bit: I’m getting inconsistent results.
Granted I’m new to the Pyramid, not particularly new to MIDI -

I create a Pyramid Track with Step data sending an MSB Bank Change and a Pgm Change. Let’s say you want to jump between OT Pattern A01 and I01 (MSB 0/PgmChg 1 and MSB 1/Pgm Chg 1 respectively).

The Pyramid does not send the second Pgm Chg, perhaps since it is not registered in the OS as a change from the previous/current state. However, if you select a second Pgm other than the same PgmChg#, it works as expected. (Monitoring the data with MIDIOx)

Perhaps it’s Squarp’s own OS housekeeping routine to cut down on MIDI traffic, but perhaps…whut?
Does not seem as resilient communication as sending CC69 to select the Pyramid Sequence from an OT MIDI Track.

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Does it work well with Prog Change only?

Yes - if I remember all my testing steps correctly. Which is great if you only stay in one Bank (OT Patterns A01-H16), which honestly would work fine for my application.

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I just noticed you can hold stop and start the pattern each time you hit play.
I was doing this with my Jomox Xbase 09 before, It was synced to one step.
Plays Free tracks can be synced !

I noticed that once but forgot about it… :slight_smile:

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Oh wow, I didn’t notice that. That is extremely useful.

HI there.
I don’t know if this has been resolved in another thread.
I recently bought a Pyramid. Been an old time OT user.
I am using this technique slightly altered and everything works snappy changing patterns on the fly(relatching them in PYRAMID terminology)
Instead of using start stop messages I use the restart midi note (B-35).
I have setup a pyramid track which sends to the auto channel and has patterns. Each pattern are set to play one time and has it’s own MSB-PG settings along with a restart midi note on the first step.Patterns change rapidly if I set PYRAMID tracks to change its own patterns insta or on the beat.
Really useful since that I have abandoned the OT Arranger which was always cumbersome for me.

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Maybe this helps?

You have to wait till 7m30s to have the answer. Boring.
Just a midi Restart (B35) as above @Kraftf’s post. Nothing new.