Is that a small room or a giganormous kitty cat? :joy:


Sorry it’s a panther.


its warm



I have a very special cat. This is how he sleeps. My other cat sleeps curled up, like cats do.
Plus in the morning he comes on bed rubs his nose on your hand so you pet him and starts to “talk”…


these two should hang out ha ha ha…
scottish folds sleep on their backs as well. it SO hard not taking a picture EVERY TIME. ha ha ha


Cats sleeping on their backs all paws in different directions makes me just think of the old catnip coma!



Hahahaaa!!! I love this thread!! Makes me miss having a cat. My wife is from Slovakia where cats are generally not domestic pets. Which means I’ll never own a cat again :frowning: , but we have the best dog ever so my “furry friend” GAS is satisfied for now.

Such a good thread!


Vahanen chilling out. Fränti is somewhere else at the moment.


Skinny chilling on my desk, he usually doesn’t care…


Don’t want to distract from the cats, but what are you using for a 0-coast stand? Is that a second iPad stand?


This tiny foldable Ipad stand.


Nice, thanks!





:joy_cat: True story


My ladies…


I’m taking names and cross-referencing those who are selling gear from ‘Pet Free’ studios.