And here’s the version I uploaded to Cats on Synthesizers in Space… :slight_smile:


C’mon, whilst Photoshopping the very least you could have done was stuck a helmet on Captain Moggy. :smiley:



She’d be most put out at being called a moggy… :wink:


So mum and dad are brother and sister? :yum:


My parents were looking at them a few years ago, that’s how I know about the breed.
They ended up getting a couple of Maine Coons though - reason being they are a bit more chilled. My parents are getting on a bit and didn’t want to be running around after two spirited Bengals.

They’ve got an amazing personality. Very confident little things!
Seemingly a lot of them get knocked down on the roads because they are not afraid of cars like other cats are - so don;t let them wander near main roads. I had the local one sitting in the middle of the road at a junction in front of me … had to get out the car and shoosh it away so I could get past.
It’s fearless and sometimes just comes wandering into our house as if it owns the place too.


Proud Maine Coon owner here…


They are my favorite. Goofy little bastards, at least mine is, as well as most of the stories I hear from other Maine coon guardians


Haha… yes, ‘spirited’ is a good way to put it. Ours are strictly indoors and otherwise only venture to our screened back porch. It’s very sad when animals are hurt like that and I can’t put myself through it, so only inside house pets for us.

Its our first time with Bengals and love them, but it’s like having two year olds that can jump 5-6’ up. If you have to ask yourself, “would or could they…??” the answer is automatically YES!! They’ll get into anything and everything, so it’s like child proofing your entire house only extending that concept to any reachable height. You can watch them evaluate and think through something and still surprise us, but that’s the fun. One of them learned to turn on/off my Xbox with her nose and it was hours of entertainment for her. Constant things like that. You just have to be careful and Bengalproof things you want safe and especially to prevent them from potentially getting hurt in the process.


I’d love a bengal, but I’m put off by exactly those reasons.
If the next one won’t come from a shelter, I think we’ll go for either another Maine Coon or a Ragdoll.


DJ name… :smile_cat:


You can definitely find a Maine Coon at a shelter, I did. Both ragdoll and MC are prone to heart disease later in life though, so having a high quality diet is essential to their long term health. My guy is 15 and recently was diagnosed with some heart issues.


The last one we took home was a MC Cross from a shelter, apparently someone abandoned her in a cat carrier in a park…

By the way, did you guys see that thread asking if people come here to discuss music or just gear? I think we have a new answer…


Bengals are amazing.

Mine is very affectionate and great company, she’s super smart, very ‘chatty’ and they make amazing house cats!


That is one very beautiful, elegant being.
The cat I mean yeah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


She’s a beaut alright!


She really is. Not going to lie, she’s a very special little lady, and her personality takes after her namesake


it’s all about siamese cats.


We seem to read the same kind of books too? :thumbsup: :wink: