Can I send a project made in model samples to the digitakt?

Hey guys, I’ve searched forum but found nothing concrete on this, I recently changed my M:S for a DT, just as I wanted more options (and looks nicer next to my DN!). Is it worth sending my backed up M:S project to the DT? I know there won’t be the same samples so I’d have to load new ones, but I had some pretty banging patterns would love to recover some of them if possible… Leading from this, I don’t see a clear way to import a whole project onto the DT with C6 (looks might be possible on Transfer but I’m unclear whether this works well or not, the manual says something about zip files not working). Backing up was easy but loading not so clear!

won’t work. you can’t load MS projects into the DT.

closest you could get would be to load the same samples in and try write the patterns from scratch.


Ok. It seems unclear how to load an entire project anyway, I can only see how to load patterns and sounds inside the DT, and I’ll need to figure this out anyway in order to backup. Is this possible, and how?

If you want to send/receive projects on the Digitakt - you can do it with SysEx dumps and your favorite SysEx librarian.

If you’d like something that will do the transfers and give you more visibility and control over projects use elk-herd: Elk-herd 3.0 beta: Project Import at last! (it’s free and no installation needed).

As been stated, you can’t import M:S projects into DT… but if I ever get around to adding M:S support in elk-herd, then interchange between the two would be a cool feature.


Thanks! I’ve just been looking at that. Great work! Looking forward trying it out.