Camping setup

Ok here’s the brief - a portable music setup you’d take camping:

  • Budget £600 - £800
  • Must run on batteries or from a USB bank
  • Assume already have tablet, headphones, digital recorder/audio interface
  • Usable in direct sunlight
  • Bonus points if can be used on your lap without a table, but not a dealbreaker
  • Not fussed what genre of electronic music if any
  • Bonus points for portability (could be taken on a walk)

try to get a Deluge Second Hand. Might be unter 800 bucks. You won’t get more power into such a small device.

It really depends on your workflow. Circuit Tracks and the just announces Rythm might be enough for you to make music.
Tablet is enough to make albums full of music too!
MPC One + myVolts Cable is under 800 bucks!
Digitone + myVolts Cable is under 800 bucks!
Digitakt + myVolts Cable is under 800 bucks as well.
1010 Blackbox is within the budget too. Not many smaller devices that powerful out there.
As the Polyend Tracker is already mentioned: M8 is small as hell!

I am using MPC One + Micromonsta 2 in my camper van a lot, but that’s above your budget.

But really, for someone who is okay working on a touch screen, go with the Tablet. Bitwig on Windows-Tablet or AUM+Plugins (Drambo alone can be enough for years!).

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Polyend Tracker and a Volca Keys/FM. An H4N or similar to record performances. You could use the field recorder to sample the sounds of nature into the Tracker as well.

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Polyend Tracker is v tempting, perhaps with some small synth that i can sample from or MIDI sequence…hmmm

You can certainly sequence and sample a Volca with it. I power the tracker with an Anker power bank, it lasts forever.

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I took an OP-Z when I went sea kayaking around Thailand’s islands (we took hammocks and just stopped at appropriate quiet beaches).
It worked well for me…


Don’t know about anyone else but I find using Model:Cycles in direct sunlight a bit challenging, so I’d rule that one out (although it does meet the other criteria).

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The M:C is looking tempting with the battery pack actually. That plus my TR-6S (runs on batteries) plus a little passive mixer could be perfect

Sad, that the Input of the TR-8 was removed on the TR-6…

Okay, I’ve read through your list and only qualify this statement because what I’m about to say goes against some of what you’re looking for. Anyways, the best luck I’ve ever had with a portable setup has been an iPad. Throughout my electronic musical life I have always sought a portable setup and even used to lug a Yamaha RM-1x all around on the subway to use at my airport security job in the late 90s. iPads just offer a crazy amount of power and portability and it’s literally possible to get entire tracks done. In the past when traveling to Thailand I used to bring a controller with my iPad but now just headphones; note entry and automation on the screen (even real-time) is totally acceptable (barring any advanced piano/percussion play).

I see you have a tablet and want direct sun use. Not sure but thought I saw that the new pros offer more use in sunlight. Also not proselytizing, just sharing my experience…

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aye. this should do the job though:

Yeah, I’ve got a decent Android tablet, and I know they can do everything musically, but apart from the fact I simply can’t be productive on touch screens, I’m a pathetic hardware fetishist and I love having knobby bleep boxes to mess around with!

No shame in that! And agree, when I’m at home I try not to even use ableton let alone a touch screen!

Love this machine. And I think the workflow is fun and conducive to time in the woods. In my experience, it’s tough to use in direct sunlight though. A piece of cardboard or an umbrella to provide some shade would go along way in seeing those pads.

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Right now I would take a 62hp palette case with fugue machine on iOS (I always have my phone with me and now it’s a baroque MIDI sequencer). Probably will add a sampler in the last 6hp:

Or an M8 tracker (if you can get hold of one):

Or the SP-303 I just got and haven’t learned yet!

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Going against the grain here but I would say nothing. Camping (for me) is about disconnecting from daily life and immersing myself in sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Can’t do that with headphones and screens.

But if I had to bring something music related, I would bring a field recorder to get some nice sounds for my samplers.


I would take that too, to load aforementioned 6hp sampler. Capture some of the ambience of where you are. I got some amazing birdsong crescendos on a recent camping trip, pity it was at 4am every morning :yawning_face: :sleeping:

ha, i know what you mean, but i’ve always enjoyed taking a bit of gear on my travels. much like some people take sketchbooks, it’s nice to have a reminder of my holiday in the form of a couple of tunes (usually half-finished)

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My goal is to build a camping van like Tom Green did. He basically took a studio with him. And a dog.

I guess I would take my Digitakt with me and an iPad.

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The little screen, or something else?