Buying a Machinedrum today

Hi. I’m afraid I am very late in the game, understanding the power of the Machinedrum.

I have an Octatrack and a monomachine, but only recently started looking at the Machinedrum.

It looks rad. But my question is; how do I find one, and what is a fair price (I want a mint version, UW+).

Been looking at eBay and reverb all week - but ideally I am in Europe, so the MD should be here too, to avoid too much taxing. Any marketplaces I should know if? Thanks.

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reverb, here, Facebook synth groups, ebay. local buy&sell sites. keep an eye on em all.

asking what year the MD is from is a good idea.
I recently picked up a mint 2016 mk2 uw+ on reverb europe for a grand (euros). I wouldn’t pay much more personally, tho good luck finding a mint recent one for less than that.
older, worn units I wouldn’t go over 850 euros personally. or thereabouts.
non uw mk2 around 650-700 (I think) tho I wouldnt go non uw myself.

It’s a journey. I found my mint sps-1 UW mkii w/ decksaver, turbo interface, manual and box for $1,000, but it really was MINT. It’s definitely the max I would have paid, but I certainly don’t regret it. I was able to make that money back by selling what it made obsolete in my set up.

I was looking for 4-5 months for the right one.


i Just picked up a mint one in the US on Reverb with a Dick Malibu black faceplate, the TM1 midi interface, custom metal stand, and some other stuff for $1200ish. I only paid that because of the custom stuff. $1k should be about right for a good one. I was looking for about 2 months before I found one. Set up a saved search on Reverb and Ebay and post up here in the Marketplace forum that you are looking for one too, I got offers as soon as I posted I was looking.

Also it is that powerful, this is the 3rd and final time I’ll buy the MD. It’s still a powerhouse even by todays standards and with the OT being able to send conditional trigs and LFO’s to it… wow!


Better late then never :slight_smile:

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with my Machinedrum, still an awesome bit of kit.

  • eBay
  • UK: Sound On Sound
  • Nederlands:
  • Deutschland:
  • France: Audio Fanzine

The marketplace seems to be down?

Also Germany:
That one has a lot of synth traders. Good luck on the hunt!

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I paid an UWMKII+ 600€, via Audiodanzine, France. Mint, 1h30m by car.
I guess I’ve been lucky.
Usually prices are around 750-850€ here.


Tbh, I am always avoiding sites like ebay and reverb…Things are often way overpriced there.

My recommendations are :

  • Audiofanzine : good prices, message system, moderators chasing dubious offers.
  • Here, definitly !
  • Sometimes you can find interesting on Muff’s
  • Synthesizers sales and trade (europe and worlwide) on facebook, even if prices are sometimes high.
  • Synth meme facebook group…You won’t buy anything there but it’ll make you smile while you wait for a good deal to appear ! :slight_smile:
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Usually higher prices than new!


My feeling,really !
You wanna buy a Machinedrum ? Expect the “collector vintage museum,not availiable anywhere else,ultra rare,AE used it on untilted tour"argument.”


yea some of the prices are crazy.
I much prefer if I can find something locally on an indy site.

I just contacted someone the other day regarding a monomachine…

1200 euros without box.
Asked if there was any accessorie for the price and if the guy could tell me the year of production…
It was, at least, second hand, the guy had it for 6 years. No accessory or anything, will ship in a ot box. Add 40 euros for shipping and 4% paypal fee ( I never buy anything without it ).
The guy told me he was open for discussion because prices are relatives…
I whished him a good sale. :slight_smile:


Paid $900 for my Machinedrum UW MK2 with plus drive from about 2 years ago. Device was only 2 months old and had all the accessories with it, original box. I thought it was a pretty fair deal. I also sell on Reverb and post very good prices and accept offers at times. Really depends who you are buying from, but you can find deals on there.

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I think most people are afraid to make an offer on Reverb and they dont check the “sold items” list view to check what things actually sell for. Ebay has a way to also look at what you are searching for and the prices they actually sold for. Most folks list high and take a reasonable price after sitting on the market. BUT… when I see a listing about super rare and so and so used it on some tour, I usually dont even bother.


Yeah, the “sold items” is key. I use that section to price my own gear when I’m selling it. If you look at that section for the Machinedrum right now, some are showing sold for in the $700 - $800 range. However, I’m not sure if those items sold are different Machinedrum models, MK1, Non UW, etc…

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A couple of MD here on Buyee. Not Europe though…

Just found this one here in Germany:

I bought and sold a lot of stuff over that platform - no hassle.

May depends on where you live, shipping, taxes !

Thank mate. Already wrote him. No response :frowning: