Bummer! Can't sequence Program Change per step

I saw this video long ago and had it it my mind that OT could send program changes per step, but alas, it was the MonoMachine (time stamped in the video) that was doing that.

anybody figured out a workaround aside from using parts for program change?

as I’m doing it now, I just remember the PC number and put it in, but I want to do crazy stuff with multiple PCs in one pattern… as in the video.

edit: i gotta get home after this shift and see if the Digitakt can do PC per step…

You will find that it can.

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What instrument were you intending to send Program Change messages to?

I was trying this the other day don’t think it’s possible with the OT unless someone can say otherwise, the DT can do program change per step


currently sending to microFreak. it works as expected when I manually switch the knob, I just really wish I could change it per step. I’m going to send a feature request to Elektron.

this is #dope, though. At least I have the machine power currently!

I predict that someone will tell you about a MIDI event processor unit that would convert MIDI note messages from the OT to Program Change messages.


lol. it appears you have just done so.

i’ll look into my iconnect midi4+ and see if I’ve got that option there.

i’ve really been focused on the OT the most these days, and that’s why I’m dead set on figuring this out one way or another.

edit: midi solutions’ event processor plus’ manual doesn’t say anything about ‘program change’ in it, and their software won’t load on my computer due to my OS being beyond their scope)

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I was about to say he did. :content:

I don’t think ICM4+ can map Prog Changes, but I didn’t test last software (I had one, now I have an ICM2+ I didn’t try).

EPPlus works like a charm for Prog Change mapping from any midi message, but without their software, seems difficult, unless I send you a SYSEX I made! :pl:

What’s you’re OS?
There are several midi processors you could use for that…

Missed that. Simpler!

But with a midi processor + midi notes, you can have direct access to 128 sounds! I used this with Blofeld > 128 drums sounds controlled by OT’s arp…


I’m running OS High Sierra… the Midi Solutions box requires Mojave or older…

I’m definitely curious about finding a solution, tho.

This thread, and others, will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about OT and program changes.

The midi solutions event processor (standard or plus) can do it but that is a shame that the software doesn’t run on Macs.

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Should be called “Why I gave up trying to send Prog Changes and Bank Change with OT and bought a midi processor”! :smile:

Macs updates! :thup:

Retrokits RK002. I wrote a script with Retrokits help to trigger OT slices. It also makes DT or OT polyphonic. It handles Prog Changes for sure. It requires Arduino software to program it.

Bomebox seems really interesting too.


Axoliti is great for MIDI processing but I don’t think they’ll be available for a bit, since development of Axoloti 2 is wrapping up right now.

So many things on my wishlist!

i have this cable!!

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i have a very under-utilized Axoloti!!

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i just had an idea, inspired by this thread:

since I’m only using one external synth, I can have up to 8 channels sending to the microFreak.

…so, per pattern, I can at least have 8 program changes available, and I can mute and un-mute the “changes” as I like, while also experimenting with sending lots of changes to the 'freak.

…it’s close but not quite there yet.

Good idea. Caveats : I’m not sure OT would send each track Program Change more than once.

Unfortunately Bank select is useless without Prog Changes…If you can map CCs or Notes to Prog Changes, that’s good.


you’re right. just tried and it’s only playing the first program triggered. darnit.

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I just opened the midi matrix expecting to see Prog Change under Bank Sel. and no cigar! Previous post deleted so as not to confuse.