Bug on my unit?



I have my Rytm Mk2 for about 1 year now and i’m quite confortable with its features by now.

I’ve been noticing a weird behaviour that happens randomly and although first i thought it could be my mistake, today i got pretty sure it was not my failure.

Sometimes when i load the project i’ve been working on, some track properties are simply lost, like reverb / delay sends, panning and samples ; although the samples loaded on project are there, the track show OFF on the sample page. I always save my project lot of times during the day and i’m sure is not my fault by ‘forgetting’ to save it.

When working in the studio this is annoying as i need to reprogram all the lost properties. But in a live situation this could be chaotic as i don’t have time to do that.

Does anyone have this issue ? What can i do to avoid that ?

My unit is on 1.45B firmware.



Which version of the operating system do you have installed?


I’m on 1.45B


I missed the fact that you had included the version at the bottom.

Anyway, I wonder if am having the same experience, but I am not an expert in the ways of Elektron, yet.
I am wondering whether you can do an experiment where you work on a Project normally and then after saving the Project to disk, you could SysEx dump to a rotating set of files onto your computer, e.g., Project_1_copy_1, Project_1_copy_2, Project_1_copy_3, and back to 1. Each time you save, back up using SysEx.

Later, If you then loaded a Project from the drive and it was missing some track properties, you could create a new copy of the Project on the drive and check to see if the new copy had the track information. If the new disk version was missing some track properties, then you could update it with the most recent version of the SysEx dump from your computer (if that fails, try previous versions). If the first (most recent) SysEx back up repaired it, the issue would be down to a number of issues: 1) the store project to disk is broken, 2) the read project from disk is broken or 3) you are performing some command that is clearing the information. If it is restored by falling back to an earlier version of SysEx, then it just some operation that you are unwittingly performing.

Does that seem like a feasible way to determine the cause of the issue?


Yes, will try that !

Today it happened again : yesterday i worked on the project, save it. Today i opened the same project and a lot of samples were unloaded from their tracks, as well the track’s volume, panning and so on. Samples are still on the kit, but not on the tracks :frowning:

I’m loosing trust on my Rytm :persevere:


Saving the project may not mean what you think it means - you need to read up on the subtleties of this for the analog machines

e.g. for A4


The Analog machines save their state very often, so when you turn it off you can continue working at the point you were at… As someone else mentioned, there are subtleties to this machine you should read up on in the manual. It is not like the DT/DN which do not save anything unless you manually save it yourself.


This makes sense, i was not saving the kits often ! Will observe that, thank you !


Thank you, Avontronica. The topic that you referenced was very helpful.l


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I discovered something that could be the cause of the ‘issue’…

Usually what i do : save the project, save the kits, turn off the Rytm.

The other day i turn on the Rytm and ASSUMED that it would load my last project automatically. It seems to be not the case, as when i turn it on, i get the problems described (samples off), but when i manually load the last project, it seems to work.

Does this make sense ?


Hi all,

I have the same issue and fairly regularly…

When I turn on my Rytm Mkii it’s often not the same as when I turned it off (sounds are not playing as I left them, in various ways).

I have started to make sure I save my kit and the project before I turn off the Rytm.

It consistently loads what I have saved.

There is definitely an issue with the it being one way, then switching off and on and it being another with my machine.

As I can contain it I haven’t opened a ticket with support but it sounds like I’m not the only one with the issue…

Hope this makes sense!




If you save the project before saving the kits it saves your project with your kits unsaved because you didn’t save them before you saved the project, so that’s how the project will be…

When you power back up the AR all kits are reloaded except the currently active one, so if you power down with a bunch of unsaved kits, you’ll loose the changes except for the active kit, which is the auto saved ram version and not saved either…