Bought a Nintendo Switch


This would be my starter list and add Smash to it. Hyper Light Drifter music is insanely good specially for people that are into synths.
My personal most played game is Enter The Gungeon but I think its one of those hate it or love it games.

I stay away from big third party triple A games on the switch, they are expensive and not worth it if you can play it on a pc or another console.


The switch was what made it possible to add gaming back in to our busy lives. Dead Cells, BoTW, Diablo III, Hollow Knight, Minecraft, and any Steamworld games are all aces.

Unfortunately I have barely touched my Switch since getting back in to music after a 13 year break.


I’m not gonna pay 30 usd for a digital Resident Evil 4. That’s not happening. Anyway those games go on hefty sales eventually.

It’s a great little break toy and much more worthwhile than social media.


I buy so many games for Switch and PS4 but devote basically 0% of my time to actually playing them because I feel guilty that I’m not working on music. I feel trapped!


When you don’t work on music, tell yourself you “choose to do something else.” If you continually equate not doing music to negative emotions, you’ll create some mental blocks that you really don’t need. When you step away to do something else, make a conscious choice and state to yourself that you’re choosing to do something “other than,” instead.


Same dude, same


Don’t be that way! Games are a way to still utilize your brain and desire for accomplishment when you don’t have the emotion/inspiration to complete things.

After binging on some video games I actually feel more connected to the music I’m making. I’m actually writing folk songs again after not writing any song-songs for almost 6 years.

It’s great to be able to both relax and use my brain. And it’s pulling me away from the poison of social media


Slayed the giant and the hok in the same run, I felt awesome.
It was only the 2nd time I killed the hand…


Was that with one boss cell?


A lot of this definitely resonates with me. I sometimes go heavy at a new game for awhile. And when I either finish the game or have had enough I have a new lease on music making and get a lot done and with pleasure.

Its happened enough times now that I don’t put pressure on myself either way. Music making should be first and foremost something you want to do. Not something you’re obligated to do.

You should do what you want to do and accept that you want to do it and give yourself the space to do it.


Excellent list!

I would add the following:

Axiom Verge
Gunlord X
Shovel Knight


This is a love/hate thread. Ever since staying with my step brother while on a trip and getting BOTW dropped on my lap, I’ve thought about picking one up… damn you all!!! :wink:


I still haven’t gotten around to Axiom Verge. A bit burnt out on Metroidvania. But it’ll be my go to when Im ready.

I also loved Transistor. I wish it had been 2 or 3 times as long.


Here! Here!


Unravel 2, loved playing it with my 7 year old daughter.
Now we’re playing Boxboy and Boxgirl (if you’re into puzzle games).
Mario Kart and Odyssey are must plays!


Of course not, I have a job and a life!


I find it to be the perfect machine for Skyrim.


By the time I got into it, it was over. But then again, Mario was never my friend.


Dead cells is amazingly entertaining.
Smash bros is tons of laughs.
Mario kart is surprinsingly fun.

I have to admit,that breath of wild is somewhat a disappointment for the moment. I find the sanctuary system really repetitive and boring with poor puzzle mecanics. I find the weapon system annoying…C’mon my last shiny ultimate volcano forged fire sword of doom is broken after smashing 3 moblins ?

I really miss the old dungeon system with the boss Key and this incredible final boss fight in every dungeon…Remember the fight with the hands playing djembe in ocarina of Time anyone ?
In b o w everything is gorgeous but everything looks the same.

I have only awaken 2 mythical beasts for now so I hope I will be pleasantly surprised by what is yet to come.


My brother has Skyrim; I’m going to poach it later on!

PSA: Baba Is You has broken my brain. Some of the puzzles are bonkers and stupid hard.