Bought a Nintendo Switch


Another reason digital files are unnatutal to gaming: no lending; trading. They should really offer a kind of trade option.


Aye - my entire gaming history was built around the play/trade model. Hell, I traded in three PS4 games to part-pay for the Switch!

I don’t mind buying digital games if they’re a) well made enough to warrant repeat plays and b) priced well enough so I don’t feel bad for buying a digital game! I generally won’t spend > £15 on a download-only title because what if it sucks!? I don’t understand how or why some people will pay £50+ on a download title that you could get in a store (or delivered) for less. Madness.


I guess the idea is theyre priced well enough thay everyone can buy them.

Still. Ive seen too many digital games get a physical release later (Limited Run…beautiful editions) that im going to start holding off.


Folks, what about your favourites co-op games?


Korg Gadget has pretty hectic co-op


Co… op? That means playing with other people, right? :joy: My wife and I enjoy playing Minecraft together and (now) MarioKart but that’s about it.


Diablo III, wife’s not a big gamer but loves some killing


How does it play on the Switch? I had it on the PS4 and it made my machine sound like it was going to take off… Intensive.


For those with small people-

Picked up the paw Patrol game for my 4 year old.

It’s a basic side scrolling platformer, with jumping and collecting doggy biscuits. Anyway, it’s got Rider giving instructions, and all the characters are playable, with their own skill sets.

It’s the perfect video game for children of that age that want to play but don’t have the patience to learn controls etc.

For those without little ones -

Paw Patrol is a cartoon with puppies.


It works really well, and as a bonus you can walk around with some Zelda chickens following you.
The controls when using 2 joy-cons are not well explained though and it took me ages to realise you can open a town portal by pressing and holding down a thumb stick.
Inventory management requires a bit of finger twisting too, but apart from that we’re enjoying it. I played it on laptop, PS4 and now Switch and it still holds its charm.
Here’s me and my wife early on in the game. Chickens actually enter the fray, I don’t think they deal damage but their clucking is dope!


There is only place for one game in my heart … Starcraft 2


I’ve tried every racing game I could find for Switch (even the new Sonic one), and my favorite one, hands down, is Fast RMX.


I just started playing Baba Is You!

It’s fantastic! I love games where you can bend reality in some way.

Gorogoa is a supremely great game(cheaper as a phone app- and it touch screen based so there’s no real reason to buy it on the switch-unless you really want to)


But what if you could do both? I don’t know how good the play is with the game Ape Out but the generative drum solo it makes is cool.

Which brings up a question about the Switch – how good is the audio output? The sample i got from this video has a top frequency at just under 7000 Hz – which is just not acceptable. Or is this just this recording?

There is a thread here for Ape Out.

There’s a reason that Ape Out has an interesting sound, it’s because of the guy behind it, Matt Boch.

What other games are there that make a good sound track?


Hyper Light Drifter, The messenger, FEZ, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy series (I prefer the earlier music), Celeste, Octopath Traveler and Cuphead are among my favorites.
And more recently the music from Katana Zero has been pretty cool too, more synthwavy though.


Baba goin on the wish list!


It does get difficult pretty quickly- but it’s a great perception challenge


I have a colleague that sends me links to awesome Switch deals when he comes across them. I’ve been avoiding them, and HAD been avoiding this thread, quite successfully, but the temptation is always there. Stay strong! :laughing:


You know it. You have to suspend all understanding of how you play games normally; the rules just don’t apply here.


I’m in for this. Going to save up this month and maybe have it as a treat for the summer (when it’s totally too hot to do anything else)