Books that helped you make better music


DAMN…sorry man. :grimacing:


Reading the Waldorf Blofeld manual, I noticed that, although only here and there, they added quite a few tips on sound design in the manual. I think this is a nice touch and thought it would be nice if other manuals would do that too. One could then read a manual like a book. I actually like reading manuals and appreciate a well written one.


I really enjoyed the Ableton book (battery’s gonna die or I’d get a link for ya)

And the book “lies my music teacher told me” is another good book.

“The inner game of music” is a bit bass-centric but is excellent!





Art and Fear: On the Perils and Rewards of Artmaking by David Bayles and Ted Orland.


Before you learn to become a good artist, you need to learn how to be a better ventriloquist


I didn’t see these in the thread:

These two books are what rekindled my interest in electronic music production after a twenty-five-year hiatus of trying to be an adult.