Books that helped you make better music





agreed have to have the book in hand when it comes to music takes notes etc put a rubber band on the page you need no screen savor or battery death to worry about


You could memorize it and play with both hands, smartypants! :wink:


Coming out in August:


Just double-checked and yes, it was on one of my bookshelves. Oooh, I look so smart owning it… but of course I still haven’t read it yet.


I mean, how am I going to play the included DVD anyway? I no longer have anything that can do that. :joy:


Reading this, not sure if the book is helping me make better music but I’m enjoying the concepts discussed


The Complete Guide to Synthesizers - Devarahi

OOP and from 1982 but still a great guide to the fundamentals of analog/subtractive synthesis (with lots of patch examples), the PDF is out and about.


A fair few years since I read it, but as I recall, this was both very useful (to me) and bloody funny too! :slight_smile:


i’ll take a look at this one! What a cool thread! :smiley:

Really eager to find more books about writing and composition.

I would love to learn more guidelines, frames of works to help improve myself for

  • Pop genres
  • various electronic pattern/layered music
  • experimental stuff

this subjets are often covered by the prism of classical or concrete music in a way that is too deep for my needs and thus discouraging!

Any other ideas?



One of john coltrane’s favorites


Love this book


For french speaking people, I strongly recommend training courses by Xavier Collet.
Followed his video courses hosted by Elephorm about Reverb, compression, sound design.

Great teacher IMHO, university background with Professional skills.
Resulting in quite comprehensive, Initiation friendly training courses, without being simplistic! :+1:

Not a book but watever!



it’s hard to believe, but manuals.
i always first RTFM completely and then decide to buy (or not) the gear i’m thinking about.
this really works. and well written manuals contain quite a lot of useful tips & tricks applicable elsewhere.



I get emails notifying me when people comment on this thread, I clicked an email that looked like it was from elektron and this picture popped up huge, I thought monomachine mk3 was happening briefly :sad:


I just noticed how pejorative that may sound of academic study. This book is both approachable AND academic, which (duh) is not mutually exclusive.