Blokas Midihub and Digitakt

Just wanted to share here that I just got my Blokas Midihub. In a nutshell it’s a programmable 4x4 + usb midihub (details: ). So, this is where it gets interested: this thing allowed me to very, very easily program it so, that I can play my Digitakt as a polyphonic sampler, for example with my master keyboard. Basically just load the same sample or cycle on many channels and program this thing to take every note played in so, that it maps them to those channels separately on DT. This will most likely inspire me so damn much and open cool new possibilities. For me this feature alone already makes it worth it and I haven’t even scratched the surface. :slight_smile: So yeah, just wanted to give the community a heads up, that something like this exists. Oh, and this thing is build like a tank, just like my Digitakt. :slight_smile:


Mine is on its way to Australia. Can’t wait to roll some crazy midi pipes…

Sounds awesome, i have signed up for notification when it will become available for the masses.

It’s a bit small, for my use, do you know if it can be implemented in larger midi network ?

No idea about that, sorry. I guess you could ask their forums about that. One of the Blokas devs is super active there, replying on Midihub (and MODEP) questions all the time.

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Yeah, my next mission is to try to execute a pipe shich would allow me to play my Volca Drum so, that every key on my keyboard would translate a correct latched pitch value. Not sure, if it’s possible atm though. I’ll maybe try to ask about it first on Blokas forums. It’s just that Volca Drum is able to make so damn awesome bass sounds, BUT it doesn’t allow, at least yet, midi-notes, which is a HUGE missed opportunity from Korg. But they added a latched values for pitch (firmware update), which latch the pitch values to notes, so with this thing it could be possible, maybe. :slight_smile:

Ok, a small update about the Volca Drum keyboard playability I planned above: it was dead easy to achieve once I just found out which pipe to look at (Transform pipe). Now I can indeed play my Volca Drum with keyboard, which is just… plain awesome!

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Still waiting for mine to be send. You have just increased my already high HYPE :sweat_smile:


Do not forget the midi loopback capabilities. I am sure there will be some pipe chains that will push this trick to its limits without feedback errors or data overflows.

I’m interested in learning how to program my Midihub so that I can connect my midi out of the Digitakt to control a SE-02, a TD-3 and two volcas. How do I start to learn how to config this?

You could try something like this:
FROM MIDI (A) -> To Virt (A)
From Virt (A) -> CH Filter (Channel 1 UN-selected) -> TO MIDI (A)
From Virt (A) -> CH Filter (Channel 2 UN-selected) -> TO MIDI (B)
From Virt (A) -> CH Filter (Channel 3 UN-selected) -> TO MIDI ©
From Virt (A) -> CH Filter (Channel 4 UN-selected) -> TO MIDI (D)

This should map your Digitakt’s Midi Channel 1 to Midi Out A, Midi Channel 2 to Midi Out B and so on. Hope this works. Might be, that you need to use CH Remap instead of the filter… I can’t really test it myself atm as my setup configured in a way that testing, if what I wrote above really works is not possible for me atm.

Bunch of tutorials at the bottom of this page.


I have my own Midihub now, and my first goal is to connect a Digitakt to the Midihub and start to experiment with LFOs, and adding them to a Digitakt pattern’s tracks & FX.
LFOs generated by the Digitakt itself through midi loopback, and LFOs generated by the Midihub.

This seems like a cool Elektronauts thread to chart that progress, perhaps?
If not, @tomikoo can let me know please, thanks!