Blofeld love


I was excited to get wavetables, granular, and modal synthesis out of the box. I have some software and apps for this, but I prefer to put my hands on real gear. After the Quantum has been reviewed by experts, I will watch carefully and re-consider. But for the time beeing I have decided not to go all in and place a preorder. I had the finger already hover over the button last December, but I stopped it.

Anyway, I will compare the granular synthesis of GR-1 (€900,-) and Quantum (@4000,-). It could be that a synth, which is dedicated to one particular synth task only, may perform much better and be more interesting and inspiring than a “jack of all trades”. It would be not the first time in my experience :wink:

My opinion about analogue FM is that we should not compare this to a digital FM synth. The principle is the same, sure, but the sounds are very different. But we should discuss this in an other place.


@SoundRider personally i like combine granular with a layer of „normal“ synth voices. That’s something the quantum probably does very well. But the GR-1 is awesome, i’m Just not sure if it’s worth the money, since I have software for this too and I almost never use it. But we will see how the quantum turns out. I have to admit that i‘m a big fan of Waldorf. The prototype was already working on the NAMM 2017, they had a whole year to make it perfect, testing the unit and add some features. IMHO the GUI looks much better and responsive as last year. I have NAVE for the I-pad and I would love to have it in form of a hardware synth.
I’m secretly hoping that they make a desktop modul, that’s a little cheaper…

But to come back to the topic. Does someone has the SL upgrade or the Blofeld keys? I‘m really not sure if i should order it, since i already have samplers. I have heard some beautiful demos. How easy is the sample transfer? Can the additional memory be used for wavetables? Are the samples changing the pitch when you play it on different notes, and if so, how is the quality?


Blokeys has SL out of the box.


Sample transfer is easy but slow. The real caveats being that you can’t transfer single samples, you have to transfer them all at once. Otherwise, no problem, your samples act as oscillators. You can even do multisamples or kits.


Thanks a lot! It’s a shame you can’t transfer singles samples. If you play multiple notes, does the sample play for every single note? Was it easy to upgrade? I heard something about getting a box with just a key/password in it.

My finger already hovering over the order button for the upgrade :wink:


For wavetables the SL license is not necessary. Loading up user wavetables is for free. Wavetables 80 through 118 are ready to be used.

If you don’t need synth/sample combi-sounds on the Blofeld, why pay the extra money?


Yes i do know the wavetable part. The reason why ìm intressted in the sample function is only to create sounds that are combined with a sample. Like LA synthesis, where you put the sample to the start to simulate sounds that otherwise would be impossible. Of course the Blofeld isn’t a classic sampler/ i wouldn’t use it like that.

Can the samples be manipulated like the other oscillators or are some things impossible, like using fm on a sample?


SL upgrade is half price one or twice a year - worth the wait or it seriously dents the value ratio - wish I had - the Sample side is as powerful as you might expect given the rest of it - but from a bi-directional editing perspective the interrogation of the device falls down - there’s no probing what’s added

I can’t remember just how flexible/extensive the sample manipulation side is, but it all sounded very convincing and lovely


Thank you very much for the response! I just wanted to order, but now I will wait for a price reduction. That’s awesome to hear!
I wonder why there isn’t anything similar to the Blofeld (at least in this price range).
For me it’s already a classic :slight_smile:

If I have enough really good patches (at least a whole Bank full) I will post it here for others to download!


I’ll try to make it clearer:

  • You have 64mbytes of memory for your own samples
  • Samples are organised in “programs”. A program can be a single sample spread on the 127 midi notes or a multisample, each sample being spread on its own note range, like a traditional sampler.
  • You can transfer any number of programs you want, but all at once
  • Transfer is slow, maybe half an hour for the whole 64mb. But once it’s in the box, it’s instant, no loading time when you turn on the Blofeld

Can the samples be manipulated like the other oscillators or are some things impossible, like using fm on a sample?

Samples (“programs”) can’t be used on oscillator 3. Anything else, you can do.


The knobs aren’t normally glued. they’re probably too tight on the shaft. You can try inserting 2 plastic cards under the knob (on opposite sides) and use them both as levers to push the knob straight upwards. Native Instruments was selling a kit for the Maschine Mk2 with replacement faceplate and knobs, and it included a plastic tool for pulling out the knobs, handy!


Oh yes! That sounds better as i imagined! Thank you very much, i will definitely going to order it. The reason why i wasn’t sure about, were a few negative posts on the gearslutz forum :wink:

EDIT: I just gave up my order :smiley: and I did ordered a small amp. The Roland Micro Cube, can be used with batteries and has multiple inputs. This makes it perfect for summer, to go out in nature and play beautiful pad sounds!

Anyone here who tried to power his Blofeld with on of these Batterie power banks?


I bought the blofeld more or less on a whim, as I liked the Attack software from Waldorf. I’m very glad I did. It finds its way into almost all of my recent work. I thought, at first, that it would be redundant because I have an Alesis ion, but they both do things differently and end up filling different spots in my instrumentation.

I’ve never looked into the SL license bfore, but I’m considering it now. I do kind of regret not getting the keyboard version, but space is tight right now.

I just looked to see if it is on Laser Mammoth. It is!


I found a homepage that shows all the different wavetables from the Blofeld. Actually it’s the Waldorf Microwave 2 and XT but the Blofeld uses the same plus a few new ones.
This can be useful!

Edit: I just created my own wavetables and imported them into the Blofeld! Was much easier then I thought, even the sysex transfer worked without any problems!

If someone is interested, how it’s done, then check out this article:

I did use the “Waldorf Blofeld Wavetable Creator”. It provides very useful tools, like morphing between waveforms. Now my Blofeld has a supersaw and 9 other new tables I just created. Some of them are extra smooth sinwaves morphing into “super” sine waves for FM fun!
I’m absolutely in love with my Blofeld!


The Blofeld is a powerhorse.
This video is part of a very inspirational and educating series of sound design tutorials.
I wonder why the Blofeld is so underrated - everyone is going crazy about the new Roland Synths while the Blofeld is offering so much more with the same form factor. I will definitly get one soon as long as they are available for 300€ or less on the second hand market.


The Blofeld is only the Blofeld … not a re-issued SH-101, TR-808, TB-303, you name them all. Marketing at Roland has done a great job.

There has always been much hype about old-school analogue machines. Analogue was nearly dead for some time, gear was rare and expensive, but used by our heros. The digital simulations of analogue legends benefit from the heritage, even, if it would be only in their name. But TBH their sound is convincing and they don’t cost a fortune … okay … if we don’t get them all :wink:

Which modern composer is known for to work with a modern synth like the Blofeld. If you read Jupiter 8, or CS-80 or the like, everybody says Wow, listen to this great sound … but even if on the list, Blofeld may be overseen totally.

There are other underated synths out there … and I think for somebody knowing what he or she is doing, it’s an advantage to check them out.


Boutiques have a few strengths of their own: very easy UI and convincing sound if you’re after the legacy stuff. And don’t forget the nostalgia factor. The Blofeld is a sound designer’s synth, while the Boutiques are more immediate, simple, limited. But yes, for the price of a boutique I’ll take a Blofeld or a Pulse 2 any day…


I just bought a used blofeld for real cheap (260€) a few weeks ago to be the new best friend of my digitakt. I’m still learning both machines but so far it has been a lot of fun. I just wanted to leave a ‘thank you!’ to all people praising the blofeld on this forum! I wouldn’t have bought one without you, and I wouldn’t want to be without that thing now :slight_smile:


I like the love this synth is getting here. I mean it’s 10 years ‘old’. Although I found it hard to mix it into my setup, the basic sounds are somehow timeless.

Just think how short the Rolands stay in the market.


I guess it has lot to do with a few people who never used one, but post negative comments about the Blofeld, because they don’t like a specific YouTube demo or don’t like the look. And the fact that names like 909,808,Juno etc have already a legacy status. I did buy a Roland boutique SH01a. One reason was just the fact that the original was used in a lot of „oldies“ i like. I tried out the plugin that was based on the ACB technology and did like it even more as the hardware (because of the second envelope and the knob that allows to fade between positive and negative Filter ENV modulation). I really love the Sh01a for fast creations of basslines, the portability. Personally I think the boutiques are very expensive compared to a Blofeld. IMHO they Blofeld can be programmed to sound much better even in the bass area, as my Sh01a! I would even go so far and say that the sounds of the SH01A, Ju-06, jx-3 and jp-8 can be emulated almost perfect with the Blofeld. I have a Pulse 2 and the bass can blow away anything, but it’s sometimes almost to heavy in the mix. It would be probably more popular if the interface was a little more traditional. But I would love to see Roland or any other company, doing something complete new that’s similar to the Blofeld. I hope the next elektron device will be a full blown wavetable synth with the option to load custom wavetables.
I just created a few new WT for the Blofeld, it’s more fun and less complicated as I expected!