Blast Radio

Anyone using this?

Lossless streams of artists messing about and then the streams expire after 24hrs
Interesting concept.
Some cool people on there. Surgeon, Barker etc. Very interested to hear what they put up.

It’s essentially an app version of the Current sounds coming from your gear thread.


Never heard of it. But at first read it sounds like it could be really interesting.

Seems like a cool idea

Barker live on air now

oh…this is a very cool idea. the app is nice. I may order the blast box, it’s $199.
anyone else ?

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Wonder what they mean by this:

On-board signal processing to maximize audio quality

Perhaps it has a built-in Stimming Instant Mastering Chain?


Steaming uncompressed PCM audio packets lossless to the cloud

Sounds like they have it integrated into the hydrological cycle somehow…


I think it’s a brilliant idea.

It certainly straddles my desire but reluctance to perform live in some way.

I’ll be getting the hardware box for sure.

Thanks for posting.

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interesting, i think they’d achieve more activity (income) by creating a subscription service for those who can feed high quality audio into their own interfaces then route it through an app (their platform). (surely it comes down to the individuals ISP upload speed anyway…)
sure it may get saturated, but i’d hope the listener base would filter out the garbage so quality streams with more interactions come out on top.

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blast box ordered and en route :radio: ! This is going to be cool. The app is really smooth and inviting, minimal, easy as heck to set up. stoked. if your on it. share your profile::slight_smile:

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I’m going to order tonight.

Anyone else having issues with the app.Tried creating a profile but juts doesn’t seem to won’t allow to put in a password

I had the same question in regards to no password entry, there basically is none. so I asked the developer, who is really nice and will get back to you quickly:
Theres no password, its your phone number, here’s what he said:
“You get one account per phone. No need to logout, just close app. If you do logout, the app will remember your phone, and send a verification code. Your number will only work with your phone and profile. We did it this way so only ONE profile per phone, so people can’t create fake accounts”.

I got tempted, but $82 shipping to the UK?!
I can only imagine that includes the VAT on imports? But it doesn’t specify that at checkout. Will drop them a line to find out.

I ordered from the UK. I’m sure it said something like £51.00 was calculated/included for UK import taxes.

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Blast box arrived super quick! Seamless setup with the app and wifi. Will do a test broadcast later this evening. (does insta posts not work anymore here? they never show up)

Wow. Super quick! You must be in the US are you?
Let us know your ID so we can follow you.

yes US… here’s my blast. working on setting up the studio, little rearranging… will have my first broadcast soon :


Cool. Following. My profile is @brounie, but I’m just a listener at the moment.

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@lukesanger :grinning:


Not available in the EU yet, might get the plugin as I mostly grab a stereo mix in a DAW again for choppy purposes.

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