Blast Radio

Was already on it :wink:

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i’m broadcasting right now for the next hour or so. some old jungle, hip-hop and ragga

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Anyone having issues with their box? I’m trying to stream and it constantly drops wifi and stops recording/broadcasting. I have full wifi when I check the box but it appears to drop completely. I’ve emailed their support team. Maybe I have a lemon. I will say that their support is extremely responsive!

Just came across a known broadcast issue:
comcast routers, confirmed with developer.

so it connects to the wifi no problem, i can confirm the device when i log into xfinity. and full bars on the box.

but it won’t actually start the broadcast. “failed to start” error on the box read out every time.

something to do with the certain comcast routers blocking the device from connecting to the wider internet somehow.

i’ve heard it works with google routers.
so what would be the xfinity fix?

it works perfectly fine on my iphone hotspot no problem. but i won’t be using that. as it’s not the best connection and data will be drained.

any IT techs out there have any input on this?

I occasionally listen to streams while I’m working — I don’t have the chops to subject anyone to anything I might stream.

It’s an interesting take on spontaneous radio — as a consumer, I like it as an alternative to just randomly catching a show on or

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Just heard about this through a friend who invited me to it. Looks like a nice platform. Being audio only means there’s no pressure to get my setup looking nice. And I could stream from the couch or backyard. Can’t wait to get started!


My box should arrive any day now & I’m literally going to broadcast anything that comes out of my gear.

Initially i’ll broadcast old demos from the last 25 years. Mostly rough, unfinished sketches, but they history to tell.

I just find the whole concept exhilarating.

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Yeah that’s the kind of thing I’ll use it for, I think. Today I sat down and played with just the TR-06 for half an hour, would have been perfect to stream that!


Alright, I’ve officially got a device on the way, but in the meantime, I’ll probably broadcast from the VST plugin—which is very nice, you can just put it on the main mix in a DAW and it’ll stream direct from that. Never seen anything like that before, I like it!

edit: I just got a bit excited when I remembered that for years I’ve wanted to have a regular radio show… I think this is my opportunity! I’ll probably alternate between streaming jams/rehearsals and playing other people’s tracks.


I did a test broadcast today. Had some terrible audio issues during the first half. My fault as I was powering the device from my Mac.

Except for the 1st track, all the others are between 10 and 15 years old. They really are rough, unfinished demos. Quite monotonous in places but I do like the vibe of these all tracks.

I just wanted to give them one last airing before they disappear for good. Then a completely fresh start.


Great idea for a broadcast! Maybe I’ll do something similar for my first one. I have so many old tracks that nobody has heard.


Doing a little set of my old Buzz tracks right now if anyone’s online and wants to have a listen!


Listening back to the broadcast now. Following you too.

Lovely atmospheric tracks. Beautiful!

Seriously, I’m only 12 minutes in and it’s brilliant. So far the best broadcast I’ve heard on Blast.

Thanks! I appreciate it; those tracks are between 12 and 16 years old, it was nice to revisit them on a public stream.

In typical Buzz fashion though, there are a few moments where the file I loaded glitches out and causes a huge burst of noise, haha. Might help to set up some way to cue tracks next time!

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Did my 1st test broadcast tonight. Stoked to be up n running.
Gear used: Tracker audio/sequencing both Iridium & Wavestate at same time.

there’s a wee silence in the beginning as i was fumbling with my mixer.

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Love it! Great drippy IDM style.

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awesome thanks! just followed you back! looking forward to listening :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Just a quick test track and broadcast. Made on the Mpc Live 2. Just testing out sounds and functions.

Very rough, crunchy but I like the vibe. In the style of early 90s B12 records. Made no attempt to edit notes, fx, structure. Just played in live with some basic track mutes.

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Cool :radio: :sunglasses:
Did you use the box or plug in ?

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The broadcast above was done using the plug-in. I was sat at my desk with the Mpc going into Studio One and it was just convenient.

My 1st broadcast was done with the box. I had some horrible audio issues because of the crappy supplied cable, but also because I was powering the box from my Mac.

When I ordered the Box I didn’t actually know they had software to do it. Only realised when I got an email from them with the link.

I really like having the box, as the plan was to record around the house, conservatory etc, but in reality I reckon I’ll do most broadcasts via the software.

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