i heard back from e-rm and they said these are the following idle settings for the multilcock when using the HW Clock Out device.


Bitwig Studio 2.3 Beta 5 was just released.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 2.3 Beta 5

Released on 23.02.2018.
NEW Preference to enable/disable updating of play-start marker from arranger selection.
FIXED Audio engine crash using Phase-4 with 32 voices.
FIXED A controller with no mappings should not show itself in the mapping browser.
FIXED Clips in arranger start numbering at 0 instead of 1.
FIXED Duplicating a device might not initialize polyphonic modulations properly in certain case.
FIXED Clip launcher clips could leave their loop region if the arranger loop button is on.
FIXED Regression in 2.3 Beta 3: Transport synchronization issue with certain VST plug-ins.
FIXED Painting of automation curves in GUI was inconsistent with engine playback.
FIXED Crashed when hitting the escape key in the sample zone editor.
FIXED Minimizing a window may cause a crash on macOS High Sierra depending on selected display profile.
FIXED Saved scenes and clips are not played back with their configured tempo when previewing.
FIXED Arranger does not repaint a clip when it’s displayed title changes.
FIXED Regression: Arranger header no longer shows time selection across all tracks.
FIXED Time selection in layered audio editor is always across all lanes when only single lanes are selected.
FIXED Deleting time in arranger note editor header area should affect clip timeline instead of clip content.
FIXED Raw mode’s “Play Stop” value doesn’t update in real time.
FIXED Wrong clip length for “return to arrangement” post recording action.
FIXED Floating windows and popup windows stopped the keyboard shortcuts for transport play, undo and redo to stop working.
FIXED Regression: OvertonDSP VST GUIs do not work on Linux.
FIXED Incorrect bar number in transport play position display when launching master clips with follow actions.
IMPROVED Voice Stack Modulator: rename Map to Manual.
IMPROVED Recording clips from clip launcher to arranger could sometimes record incorrectly when the start marker in the clip was not at time 0.
IMPROVED Preview player should stretch according to the long / short samples stretch preferences.
IMPROVED Add information to the manual about real time bouncing (eg when using hardware instruments and effects).


Bitwig 2.3 is out and they’ve posted a long description of their new Phase-4 synth at

I have been playing with Phase-4 in the betas and it’s great stuff. Bitwig really is making music on a computer fun again for me. :slight_smile:




This is an excellent article, and shows both a historical context and pretty much a how-to.
The SOUNDCLOUD samples at the very end show well how the technical part fits into real music.


You know how, in Ableton, there’s that list of Parameters that can populate? And if there are more parameters than spaces you can delete that parameter and select another parameter to control?

Is there a way to reconfigure the modulatable parameters in BitWig? I need to get back into p-Locking some Chiptune triangle filters!


for those of y’all lookin’ for a controller


speakin’ of controllers, does anyone use push 1/2 with bitwig (or ableton)? if so, how do you like it?


list of Parameters… do you mean the ‘configure’ of the device view of 3rd party plugins?


Bringing this back again to see how people are feeling about Bitwig. At some point I’m thinking of trying something different for my electronic stuff. So I’m in Ableton vs Bitwig territory. Anything new to add to this discussion? I’m currently using Logic Pro X


Ableton has Max msp built in. Total game changer, wouldn’t go anywhere else now. Also the edit multiple midi tracks in one arrangement is great for working with samplers and overbridge.


Ableton takes up the easy/hard portion of sound design while Bitwig takes up the medium portion.

With Ableton, whatever you want to do, there’s most likely a device to help you achieve this from a community download it a paid device. Meanwhile, with Bitwig, you route the audio and midi to do this yourself- it feels more direct but takes a deeper degree of thought than ignorantly opening a M4L device(what I do), but extremely more simple than building your own M4L patches.

I wish I could open Bitwig as a plug-in inside Ableton, though. Ableton seems more straightforward for composition, but Bitwig seems more straightforward for sound design.


Bitwig takes up less space on your computer


So i notice there are some events scheduled at the new Elektron Studios Berlin.
June 19 is Elektron × Bitwig.

The schedule says:
We team up with our friends at Bitwig and dive deep into using their DAW with Overbridge and Elektron machines.

Extend your Bitwig and Overbridge knowledge.

So i know Elektron spends time to make sure OB works well with many different DAWS – they list: Live, Cubase, Logic, Studio One and Bitwig on their website.

Just wondering aloud if there is (or will be) something special about using Bitwig with OB?


I really would like to try Bitwig one day. Been on Logic for many, many years, but don’t really use it for composition


In my case, Bitwig and Overbridge are a match made in heaven.

You can use any of the modulators to modulate any of the parameters within Overbridge as a VST. This effectively turns my Digitakt into a modular. It’s hard to explain how cool this is until you actually try it out, then (if you’re like me) you can’t imagine using the Digitakt any other way.

Curious to see how they work with Bitwig 3.0’s Grid… I haven’t sorted it out myself yet, but the potential is huge there.


Linux support for Overbridge would be a nice surprise, given Bitwig’s cross-platform nature, but unlikely.


I’ve been toying around with the idea of using Overbridge in Max(I believe you can load plugins in them)

That will be something fascinating.

The notion of OB was my main draw for Bitwig. But I ended up planting my flag in Ableton


I recently picked up Bitwig 8 Track. The grid and the modulators have me very interested in the full version, but I can’t afford the full price right now. Just checked, and having 8 Track saves US$40 - a bit, but not that much.

Now that I’m properly interested, I’m curious to know: how much is the most it’s been discounted so far? How often are sales?


I’ve bought my copy second hand for 200 but they do sale pretty often.


They do a Black Friday sale, that’s when I picked up my copy. I can’t remember how much it was? I think it was 20% off.