how do you use cv utility? sending out cv via soundcard or expert sleepers es3?


Yeah it’s incredibly cool. When I was looking for my next laptop I came very close with going for a Surface Pro/Book but neither had the grunt power I was hoping for so went down the tried and reasonably trusted Dell route.

I still look at Bitwig from time to time. Can’t say I’m that enamoured by the pricing policy though. In any case, I think I’m happy to wait on Live 10 then make a call. No MPE in Live 10 would be a big disappointment for me. Surely Live 10 must be on the cards for 2017…


Tried 2.0 with Push script and while I appreciate the amount of work it has taken to get it working - it’s just not there. It took some 10 minutes to get the push ui just messed up.

And while they claim that it has been reworked for hardware, I had huge problems setting it up. The control scripts and their setup are quite badly done.

Used 1.0 before I converted back to Live with Push. Really liked it, but now I’m too married with Push to switch.


I’m looking into bitwig more and more as my ableton keeps crashing on me during use where it previously didn’t… And all in all, having jumped onboard live since version 3, I am getting bored with it, which is not a good thing for a main DAW.

Any 2.2 bitwiggers on this board? How you liking it? How’s the stability, especially with overbridge? Do you feel its more or less resource intensive as Ableton?

Lastly, I rarely buy software for full retail these days… How are the black friday/ end of year specials with bitwig? Are there sales of upgrades from version 1 to 2? I might grab an old used copy of version 1 if upgrades to v2 are often available at discount…

TIA for any thoughts!



Very much. I never really liked Live.

It has been really stable. One of its nice features is that you can isolate crashy plugins so that they don’t take the DAW with them.

Less in some aspects, the same in others. It’s probably about the same in terms of audio performance, but especially the UI is much more responsive and dynamic with tons of useful realtime feedback.


They had Black Friday deals last year, but it caused a backlash, as they set the cutoff-date for the free Bitwig 2 update just a week or two after Black Friday. Now you get free updates for 12 months.
I found this offer during the weekend, and jumped on it. Will get here this Friday I hope. (It’s basically a free Nektar Panorama P1 along with your Bitwig 2 license) One left in stock, but they offer deals with all the different Nektar keyboards.


Bitwig user right here! Have been since 1.02 and I love it. I bought and returned Ableton back and immediately got Bitwig. Haven’t looked back 2 years now


Bitwig really need high performance computer when comparing to Logic Pro X or Even Ableton

Impossible to run 2 overbridge elektron (12 tracks) with bitwig --> No problem in Ableton and Logic


Pay attention to your statement. I would say instead : “For me, Bitwig need high performance computer (…)” Because for me, I have no problem at all. I ran Analog Rytm, Analog Four and Analog Heat for month on both Bitwig, Ableton, Logic, Reason… and Bitwig was the most reliable experience of stability and less latency. So, all of that to say every piece of software is relative to the computer, so it’s a different experience for any of us. In that regards, it’s difficult to help people or advise on that territory.

Also, I recommend every Bitwig user to run Overbridge instance in it’s own process, you can set that in the Bitwig VST preference. And find the good settings for OB according to your computer and sound card.

Settings that work for me on my iMac 2013 are Buffer at 64 on both Bitwig Studio and Overbridge if you have problem pass it at 128
Margin is at 50 (same if problem pass it at 75/100)
Warning : Don’t Forget when you Processing Signals with Analog HEAT to change Safety Margin buffer to 100


Yes I can recommend Panorama also as the best midi keyboard experience on Bitwig and reason it’s so nice with that motorized fader it’s so convenient ! also the keyboard feels is pure quality.

Totally loved it :heartpulse:


Bitwig as been working flawlessly for me with Overbridge on OSX.
Its the best DAW i ever used and completely ditched Ableton and Logic.
I guess it depend on your workflow.


I also have switched to BitWig predominantly (although I still use S1 3 for recording a lot of live instruments). I find the workflow fast and intuitive, the modulation section almost perfect (especially with CV) and the fact that it can do the ‘Live’ clip type stuff as well as a pretty good linear DAW makes it an ideal choose when just jamming around. I use it with an expert sleepers ES-8 and my Eurorack and its just about perfect :slight_smile:

Its also great as a midi slave, just using my dark trinity as the main interface and ‘triggering’ loops or VST instruments from BitWig like an instrument.


I haven’t figured out how to use the Digitakt as a sequencer for my instruments and VST’s in Bitwig.
Could someone give me a short explanation please, or point me to a youtube-vid? I know how to do it in Reason and Ableton, but not in Bitwig.


those of you who are using BitWig, how well is it for working with straight audio?

i primarily use hardware and use my current DAW, Live, pretty much as a tape track.


The next version 2.3 will be as nice as Ableton regarding Time-Stretching algorithm. It’s in Beta for now give it a try… release in February


as for working with straight audio, i primarily mean editing/arranging.

playing with the demo, BW feels a lot more geared toward studio work as opposed to playing live (i.e. Ableton) which i’m really really enjoying. everything is so much more quick and immediate…no jumping back/forth between session/arrange.


so anyone working with bitwig especially in terms of audio editing/arranging?

i’m also trying the figure the best way to use the mutliclock plugin (sends the out to one of my outputs to keep gear in time with daw) and the best thing i’ve decided on was to use an effect track since mute/solo won’t affect this.

i was thinking there must be something that could do this more easily within bitwig.

any ideas?


and the option is to use the HW Clock Out device…yay!

is anyone using the vers beta?


what are the best settings for the HW Clock Out device when using it with e-rm’s multiclock?

i also found this article/interview and explains more.

i’ve set tick rate to 1/96, but wasn’t sure if there was anything else i could do to make it work best.


as per that article, i’m going to assume you just need to set the tick rate to 1/96 and activate the gate button.