You just made me regret selling my Digitakt:-) I could do the same with my OCta via midi, but won’t be as straight forward. Bigwig mods are awesome.


I felt the same about 2 or 3 years ago. Had been a Reason user since 1998 and felt the need for new inspiration. Bought Bitwig. And while it is a really awesome piece of software (which I still use from time to time for sound design fiddling), it taught me a very valuable lesson: it’s not the tool that makes you creative. Inspiration comes from yourself and your environment. Your tools only help you to channel your inspiration into productivity, and the key to success here is to know your tools inside out. For me, this meant after all I ended up using Reason more than ever, because I don’t have to think about how to archieve certain sounds I have in my head. Compared to this, I felt learning the Bitwig workflow always stood in the way of letting creativity flow.

This has nothing to do with Reason being better than Bitwig or vice versa. Both are amazing, and Bitwig also opened up new ways of making music to me. But what DAW you use is just not the most important thing determing your creative output…:wink:


Agreed! I won’t be abandoning Logic any time soon as I use it a lot for tracking and mixing ‘normal’ music (bands, solo artists, etc). I have a decent workflow going there. I’ve never really loved Logic for doing my electronic stuff, so mostly do hardware (OT, A4, effects) and just use Logic for editing/mixing. Just thinking it could be fun to try something like Bitwig to take a different look at stuff


It is perfect for that indeed. The modulation system lets you create VERY unusual stuff in no time. Version 3 will surely be even more crazy with “the grid”. Give it a try with the demo!


There’s a nice snippet in the latest Sonic Talk #576 where Gaz is explaining his revelation about Grid in Bitwig and the Help that lets you interact with the Grid element while still in help, and especially using it all with a large touch screen monitor.

It goes on for a minute and a half or so. The link goes right to the right spot.


Seeing how your patches affect the signal is pretty cool, seeing and hearing it at the same time. Yah the help screen while the block is still active is wow.

Loving bigwig, I’m running it on a 4K 24” monitor. Looks great! Easy to tell they have put some thought and time into this.