Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


I probably read it in some other forum or r/synthesizers, not sure. It wasn’t just one person saying that too.

Aside from it’s sound engine, it looks very complex to me. I was making beats with the DT after a few minutes of powering it up because it’s dead simple, I doubt that’s the case with the A4.

I just want to twist some knobs and make some noise, you know? :smiley:


Well for hip hop you might be able to get away with just sampling for your pads and keys and for techno you might not need that. But i need at least a 4 voice poly before a mono synth.


I’m really happy with my A4, a 303 clone (i got a nice modded 2 osc one with xmod), and 1 good eurorack complex oscillator making my samples.

I’m hoping the pro 2 will be better once sampled because theres something I like about it and something I dont. It might get sold - havent taken the digitakt to the studio yet, so I cant judge.

I have got a load of other stuff but these are my staples. YMMV because I make beatsy scifi dnb nonsense


It’s really not that complex. It can do a lot, but it’s easy to use. I’d say the oscillators and filters are a tad on the weak side, maybe little better than a DSI mopho, but nowhere even a low price moog, but the modulation capabilities really make the limited analog hardware shine.


the EMX is a lot of fun. When i got mine back in 2005 I would get high and just play flute runs with the slidey arp for hours.


I really think it could be a great buddy for the digitakt, 5 synths locked to midi 1-5, and plocking the synth parameters etc


An old Nord Rack 2 would take you there. With Percussion Kits to boot.


Add an erebus for analog goodness and your set :grin:


my main complaint about the EMX is that the main outs output totally leaks into the 3+4 outs. that has always bummed me out. but other people say that their EMX doesn’t have that problem.


Two often overlooked synths:

Audiothingies Micromonsta (very compact, great sounding)

Nord Lead A1:

  • 4 parts (multitimbral). So with one Lead A1 you have four seperate poly synths
  • Its classic OSCs can sound very analog
  • But it can also do nice FM, Bell, format, choir etc. sounds thanks to its 40 different OSCs types… :slight_smile:
  • It also has different type of filters
  • And three hands on effects (reverb, delay and either chorus, flanger, drive etc.)

I never liked the Nord sound, but the A1 is its first synth I really like.


Yeah, mine when I had it definitely didn’t have that problem!


a Korg analogue Mono/Poly would be fun to Digitakt sample.




i think a minilogue with a multi-fx box works perfect with the digitakt. you’ve got mono, poly, chords, arps, etc… i won’t go on because i’m all sure you’ve seen one before


Was keen for one, but so many negative comments about qc that I decided against it

Organelle pairing with Digitakt
Organelle pairing with Digitakt

His hilarious what?


Never had issues with mine


hiphop on this shit is fuckin amazing. Been doing all sorts of flips n glitches and weird shit to my beats as of late. all started with me being exposed to the OT, now owning a DT its just madness. Enjoy!!



I think the mfb club + digitakt will be a nice combo , had the four but the raw sound was very very vst like, couldn’t justify keeping it so onto the digi+club, can’t bloody wait :smiley:


Best synthesizer? Your dads record collection.

But also I am picking up a Roland SH-01a to pair with my little friend. I’m not crazy about the form factor of the SH-01a, but the sound and versatility are there. This video sold me on it:

Roland did good on this one