Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


While the Sub 37 (or Subsequent as it’s called now) is a real beauty and very versatile it also is quite pricey. You sound like you’re not sure what you’re looking for in your synths yet, analog vs. digital, type of filter, etc. Have you researched the A4 yet? It does offer a lot for it’s price and in a sense covers both of your bases as it can be configured to play it’s 4 voices polyphonically. Also the on board fx are more than just decent. It’s definitely not the most approachable machine, but in terms of versatility, feature set and bang for buck ratio, even the MK2 is hard to beat and it does certainly make for a great DT companion if you’re willing to put in the time to really understand it.


or a simple synth… with less possibilities, that can help you understand what you do? One without menu diving, all knobs directly accessible, with amazing sound? For starting synthesis, A4 is not a good idea I think…


Fair point. But honestly, then I’d rather start out with single cycle waveforms and resampling on the DT, which is definitely enough to get a basic understanding of filter, filter resonance, amp/filter env, different waveforms and the use of LFOs. Compared to VSTs you still get fairly hands on tweakability and take some steps towards understanding what you should get next. It’s what I should have done looking back. Doesn’t feed the GAS like new hardware, though.


Don’t know if it’s “the best” one but I’m thinking about getting a DSI Tetra. It’s allows midi CC control of pretty much everything, 4 part multi timbral, individual outputs and most of all I like how it sounds. (Only been listening to youtube and soundcloud demos so far but anyways…)

I think it would go a long way together with the Digitakt.


I like the moog bassline synth Minitaur. It helps me to create good basslines, But also noisy sound that I use to make small loops (like single cycle waveforms) and change it into lead sounds

For me, focus on one instrument is extraordinary important. So I take my sound out of the synth, then I dive into the Digitakt again… chopping the bassline, re-using samples as waveform loops, etc…


Ah… the Minitaur… I had one back when they where new but there was so many bugs and strange stuff going on that I didn’t keep it. Lately there’s been some massive firmware updates so I’m tempted to get one again…


I can’t say I like the A4 and I’m also reading that it’s sound engine is quite weak.

I’m looking for something with lots of knobs and no menu diving. I have a very general idea of what does what.

I think that I’ll take the sub 37 out of the equation for now, and pick either the Peak or the SE-02, if they ever arrive in Europe.

Edit: maybe the mk2 has improved sound engine? I’ll have to take a more serious look at it…


let me say…

i never bought anything good from novation
i dont like the small boutique series, small knobs make no sense with synthesis
the Sub37 is very, very big… for me too big, not only in size, but more in possibilites… you will like knob turning, but will probably not understand it…

for me, one elektron unit is enough
maybe with digitakt, they will create another one hand playable synth… next year… based on simplicity and quite a “low” price

I think it’s good to start with second hand mother 32, or minitaur…
they are really good, not too difficult, not as versatile as sub

and don’t underestimate the single cycle waveform possibility of the digitakt…


one to compare with Blofeld is the Micron - advantages being 16 bar patterns, can process audio in, and the mod matrix allows any midi CC as source. The multi mode takes a bit of getting used to. The sound may / may not be to your taste…

Blofeld multi mode works really well if OS is up to date, btw


I’m thinking of picking up a circuit as a partner for my Digitakt.

Two Nova synths plus effects in a small box? Sounds perfect for sequencing and feeding into the Digitakt’s input.

For me, Digitakt plus Circuit = what I wanted out of the OP1.


actually thought of something that would pair great… the korg emx!
used to have on but didn’t gel with the sequencer, but always loved the synth engines, capable of some evil sounds :smiling_imp:

5 synth parts


what type of music do you want to make?


I’m curious where you may have read such a thing because that’s just nuts. The A4 is a synth of many strengths, and not just sonically. It’s last major update brought analog FM, among other capabilities. Though it’s not designed to be a dedicated drum machine, from a music synthesis perspective it could certainly be one. This would be kind of perfect for being sampled in to the Digitakt or having chords MIDI sequenced from one.


The engines of the A4 are 10 times better than the cirquit. I think the cirquit is only interesting for people with low budget and no other equipment. It is a thing that can do a lot a little bit, and quite bad

Why no dreadbox? For Example
You dont need So much with the Digitakt
Buy something that is limited, But with very high quality?


I already have a range of ‘high quality’ synths, I just thought it would better to turn the Digitakt into a straightforward portable production centre.

Not everyone is after quality, fun can be a much more important factor :slight_smile:


For me it will ne a nord a1, without doubt, but long terme projection, as i found thé DT great on bis own


holy shit I need one of these.


i prefer the future retro xs as a studio synth to the sub 37. Mainly because of routing and FM capibilities. although its a pain as a live synth because the oscillators take forever to warm up. ive done outdoor gigs where it took over an hour, the pitched changed in the middle of a song and i had to tune mid song. i was playing with band too so it threw everyone off it was a huge issue.

the sub37 however tunes iyself so thats a huge advantage not seen in any other analogs i know of, it makes it a joy to gig with. the subsiquent 37 is even nicer. if only it had osc as mod source id buy it in a second. leaving out FM is a huge over sight in ny opnion. and dont give me that “fast lfo for FM like sounds” BS. its not the same.

if moog sold the self tuning instantly warm osc in rack format id buy it in a second and build a whole modular around it


i already added my input a while ago cause i have mine paired with a monomachine but i was wondering… what manner are you looking to pair the DT with something? Meaning are you looking for a synth to be food (sample material) or a synth to run alongside the DT? I asked this cause i realize that even though i am running my mono in tandem with the DT i rarely am sampling the mono into the DT. I think the requirement are different depending.


Sample based hip hop mostly, but I’m starting to experiment a lot with techno/deep/tech house etc.