Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


That’s my set up.


When I got started with Elektron gear, I’ve chosen Machinedrum and Blofeld which was and still is a very cost effective as well as powerfull combination of drum and WT synth. As someone described earlier in this thread, there are some issues and limitations with Blofeld’s multimode mode (solved much better on the Virus TI it seems), but you can create a wide range of sound, play them (with some limitations) in parallel based on different midi channels, as well as it’s possible to load some samples into Blofeld (requires an extra license) that can be sequenced. Sound design on the Blofeld can be done with the Ipad app “Patch Base” meantime in combination with “Fugue Machine” for sequncing, which makes it more comforable and more effective for me compared to the few knobs and the display on the Blo’.

Second I like the MB33 to sequence which is a 130€ Bass Synth and is extremely close to a TB303 soundwise.

Since I’m a Machinedrum user when it comes to sequencing external gear I cannot say how Blofeld and MB33 work with the Digitakt, but very sure it’s an as good as or even better experience sequncing and resampling them with the Digitakt compared to the MD.


I always loved the noise generator on this thing. I used to play on my friends sh-101 he found at a garage sale. It has great mojo.


I feel like oddly with electribes they feel weirdly meh sequencing them from the outside. I think a big part is the lack of a real adsr and the way the work arounds work don’t play as well from an outside source.


You might want to consider checking out the System-1M also, you only get poly on the built in synth on it but some crazy versatility and then you can also have the sh101 plug out which gives a higher quality sampler rate than the boutique and you get patch points to get into some extra sound design. Good sized knobs and sliders on it. Also a built in delay and reverb that you can modulate from the digitakt. Roland did a pretty crap job of demoing the system 1 but you can find some pretty amazing user patches online if you look around. I found one used for 300usd not long ago. Really recommend this one for the mixture of hands on control, full midi cc, patch points for extra sound design, good range of analog and digital sounds from dark to modern and plug outs if you’re drooling over some classic Roland monosynth sounds. But if you’re dying for polyphonic sh101 it won’t do it.


Thanks for the ideas. I do appreciate the form factor of the 1m and the patch points look cool. How’s the Reverb sound on it?

My local synth store doesn’t have the SH-01A in yet, getting coldish feet.


The reverb is good enough… it is really only one adjustable knob though so its just basically how much reverb. I find it usable for sure though, I don’t find myself reaching for external fx.


Currently I’m using a very minimal rig: DT+A4. I’t so amazingly satisfying that I don’t need buying something else (maybe Analog Heat).
In the past I used Blofeld: very good sound, but sold it, because I like jamming and found it not good for improvisating and changing sounds on the fly, specially in multi timbral mode.
Used also Microbrute: fat analog sound, but I prefer to save patches and also don’t need a keyboard.
DT and A4 find is a perfect couple!!! Really appreciate jamming with A4 performance mode and DT track mute.


Looks like an answering machine which I guess is a variation on the sampler.


Pioneer Toraiz AS-1. It’s not for everyone (requires some menu diving), but it sounds incredible.


absolutely nailed it… I bought an electribe and it was not good sequencing from the Digi. Ended up returning it and buying a JX03 Boutique and I am in love with this little synth! The size of the JX03 is so nice too, fits snugly between the SP404 and Digitakt. I am seriously considering a SH01A Boutique now. The hands-on control is fantastic and I find myself just continuously tweaking all the parameters as I jam.

I know a lot of people knock the Boutiques for being digital and small but for my little desk studio it is so nice, and just super impressed with the thing :smiley:


Yeah I think Roland is killing it with those little boutiques… I definitely have my eyes on the D-05 currently although that might be mostly a nostalgia purchase. They are tiny and digital for the most part but they do an excellent job of sounding good. The System 1M definitely convinced me that acb is more than just a marketing term and really is some next level VA stuff in them. Curious to see where Roland goes next with that stuff especially in applying it to brand new synths.


A4 IMO and that’s because you can never go wrong with it… again, at least IMO. but i also see some very good other opinions here. that’s why i’m here after all, i’m having Attention Deficint Disorder and it is hard for me to learn but i still wanted to learn and i see people that i have lots to learn from you. can i ask questions if i have some?


I’m not sure which post you may be responding to. Context? But yes, you do have my permission (not that it’s required) to ask questions. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.


I was skimming back through this thread to see if anyone had mentioned the System-1 / 1m because it’s a great sounding synth and fun to use. Doesn’t get enough love IMO. Also has a very wide vintage-to-modern range. It can be very warm and classic sounding or get into full on EDM supersaw territory. They even added some pseudo-FM and formant stuff in the extended selection of oscillator waveforms.


I cannot get past the horrendous green of the system-1.


An ipad with with a CME air 25 :smile_cat:
It doesn’t have the visual impact of a hardware synth but it’s compact, versatile, and sonically all there.


I love seeing how much everyone’s tastes in which single synth they’d prefer with their digitakt. This is just great!

While I had the digitakt, my difficulty was trying to figure out which synth I could settle on. I really liked what the A4 did paired up with it, I didn’t have the monologue at the time I had the digitakt but would have liked to see what I could have been. The pulse 2 was awesome with the digitakt as well. But the best combo was digitakt and Machinedrum if we can consider it a synth. I know it’s not a synth per say, but Octatrack with the digitakt was just all out madness. I was able to sample the OT with the DT while keeping the music going, ran everything through the AH and even more magic is created.

I wish I had the MnM when I had the digitakt.
I let the digitakt go because I wanted to focus more on the octatrack with the silver boxes with sequencing the pulse2 and monologue for Basslines, key, pads, etc. it’s all been a blast too! I’ll have to get another dt down the road for a quick setup tool for a smaller live rig.


Can I for example send midi OT LFO to OT tracks without sending notes ? Like keeping sequencer with slides and just p lock just trigless lfo param from the midi ?


I think a lot of people feel the same. Also lots of people who wouldn’t look at the TR-8 going crazy for the TR-09, etc.

The System-1m looks quite nice in a eurorack skiff / case though, e.g. Roland’s own wooden one. No green edging, and some blue/red LEDs alongside the green ones helps too.