Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


I’ve been looking at the Nord Lead 4 or A1 rack but Clavia decided to stop making them…


I picked up my Little Phatty about 8 1/2 years ago. I walked right up to it, pressed one key, and instantly knew it was for me. I haven’t considered getting any other synths since.
Ocassionally when I feel like something different I use it as a midi controller for plugins in Logic.

Just sayin for reference in case anyone is unsure, it is indeed completely possible to not have GAS. :slight_smile:


LIES!! :rofl:


Since I got the DT a week ago, I mostly plug the Arturia Keystep into the Minitaur, to feel out what I’m doing with the DT.

Keystep + Minitaur = easy jamming over or arpeggios or sequencing of bass or rhythm tones, while I dive back into the DT and have fun there.

For someone’s first foray into synths, the Keystep is an asset if you continue to buy modules/desk top synths, anyway.
At the moment I haven’t really used the DT with my other moog’s or Nord A1, but I can see how diving into any Nord, or any other moog excpt the Minitaur or Little Phatty, would just detract from you getting into the amazing thing that is Digitakt.


Ya there’s midi tracks and separate audio tracks.


I was dumb for selling off the Lil Phatty that I bought 8 1/2 years ago. It was a casualty of GAS.

Despite what one may read on music forums the Lil Phatty is a very capable, awesome instrument that sounds great. And for its time, it was quality analog when that wasn’t so readily available at that price point.


Seconded. I just picked one up and love it.


model 15 app. impressive how nice you can map nearly 7 tracks to control every function of this Moog app. + sequencing.
…iam using the keystep a lot to control CV sources with an incoming Digitakt aftertouch turn + sequencing.
I think you have to turn on ‘midi thru’ for the keystep. via MCC.


Nothing wrong with having a Keystep. But two are even better! :rofl::heart_eyes:


I can highly recommend the Radias, I love mine… :slight_smile:


I’m just about to pull the trigger on either a micromonsta or a Nord lead 2 rack. Prices are similar and both have their appeal - could anyone offer me advice or give their experiences? My plan is just to work with the digitakt and this synth for a while (though I do have an evenride H9 fx box too if I go with the Nord).


You are absolutely right! The Radias gives plenty options soundwise, maybe not as sophisticated like a Blofeld, but it works out. The envelopes are a bit slow though.
Bass-play with the suboscillators is great, some chorus on it and you are in paradise!


nord is multi, has plenty of knobs. Go for the nord. Also, nord quality.


I can only speak for the Nord Rack 2. And I speak for the Nord Rack 2. It rules.


Also, percussion kits (times 4!). Perfect for the Digitakt. And since it sends MIDI, you can send the NR2 arp to the Digitakt.


I have a Blofeld too… :wink:


Ended up ordering a micromonsta… looking forward to seeing what it can do.


In the end, it’s just a synth. These things come and go. I hope you enjoy it while you have it.


I jump between pairing it with a virus C and a 0 coast.
I love the 0 coast for its simple controls that defy the depth and width of noises you can get from it.
The virus is just lush. I really hate all the menu diving but it can be really rewarding. I guess they are polar opposites and both work well with an external sequencer like the Digitakt.
The 0 coast is very instant and the virus is a slog but worth it.


My eurorack! Agree Blofeld is a great choice being multitimbral. I have the keyboard version, kind of annoying that it’s not as portable as the desktop version though.