Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


Right now Id say wither bleep street zeeon or iVCS both amazing sounding iPad apps.


if i was limited to 1 synth ?.

nord 4r ?
multitimbral , built in fx , lots of direct control , multi outs , sounds great lots of midi cc’s to control things

loads of cheap synths , plugins , sequencers etc , can also work as controller for digitakt if you use midi designer pro etc etc.

analog4 …
multitimbral , fx , sequencer , lots of midi cc etc.etc …

i would not buy a mono synth… I’d want something that cant easily be replicated by samples , big lush stereo polyphonic pads and weirdly modulated things… i can make a nice mono synth using waveforms,evelopes and lfo in the DT,


Digitakt plus Novation Peak plus a DAW = endless fun!

The iPad/Digitakt Kombi is also great.


The 0coast was a gateway drug for this eurorack


Nice selection ! A modular is a reaaaally good companion synth to the Digitakt I find. And you can taylor it to your needs.

Now it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to sequence an OB6 Desktop with my Digitakt as well…


Excuse my ignorance, but can you use the Digitakt to sequence the polysynth without a mixer?


If the polysynth has a MIDI in connector, then yes. You don’t need a mixer to MIDI sequence.

If you wanted to sample the sound of the polysynth, then you could connect the audio output(s) of the polysynth to the audio inputs of the Digitakt.


Cheers, I understand that. I guess what I really meant was can you have the sequenced synth playing audio through the inputs at the same time as playing the digitakt (i.e. not having to sample the synth). Am I making sense?


I believe you can, but it will be in mono, not stereo, and won’t be passed through any effects.

Edit: even though you don’t ‘have to’ sample the synth, you have to use the sampling menu to hear the sound through the inputs. However once it’s set up to monitor EXT L/R/L+R you can use all the other Digitakt functions/buttons.


Anyone have any experience with using the digitakt with an electribe 2? If so what are your thoughts?


It’s funny how I was looking for just one synth a month ago to pair with my DT and now I’m about to have 3… 0-Coast, Behringer Model D (on pre order) and A4MK2 or Novation Peak (still deciding).

This synth business is very dangerous…


You have the power if you choose to pull yourself away from the GAS quicksand to safety.

All of those synths you mentioned are all well and good, but much harder to appreciate (much less comprehend) when purchased all at once.


You are absolutely right. I’ll probably get just the Boog D and I will try to stop there for a few months before pulling the trigger on either the A4 or Peak.

NAMM is just around the corner, and I fear that those brutal, vicious GAS attacks will become even stronger though :stuck_out_tongue:


Any news on the Behringer? Seems like you could be waiting a while :stuck_out_tongue:


My retailer says April :frowning:


Man, that is pretty discouraging. It seems like it will be cool when it’s released, but I would worry about waiting that long, and suddenly you have a digitakt-scenario on your hands, bit buggy. But hopefully that’s the reason for the protracted release, them ironing out problems


The first batch already arrived at a German retailer, so hopefully there will be a few user demos/reviews in the coming days/weeks :slight_smile:


I definitely understand that. I just bought an SE-01, and I’m already thinking that I hope the next in the “Designer Boutique” series is a poly analog synth to complement it. We are definitely in or approaching the Golden Era of music gear, in terms of bang for the buck.


Cool, hope it works out :slight_smile:


Nord Lead 4 or Analog Keys