Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


The one you like the sound of best!

If that’s an A4, great - but I have a very love hate relationship with mine. It doesn’t sound warm, deep, classy, silky or glassy. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a character, it does, but that character is nasal, wheezy, pristine and quite digital sounding in a way. It’s a pain to use (small screen and lots of menu diving) and it can be a real hassle to remember the various arcane butting combos and file structure. Sure you can learn all those things but then time elapses, you use other gear, or life / mood simply pulls you away from music for a while. When you return there’s always that uphill struggle of remembering how that fussy shit works. (The thing that stops me selling is the the CV, well played Elektron!)

I have a few nice synths, but funnily enough, the one that keeps the space warm next to my Digitakt is the humble microbrute. It’s cheep, compact simple and it just gives and gives. It has a very broad timbral capabilities, it can be aggressive (easily) or reigned in (a little more work involved) or you can just tame it inside the sampler.

I’m not suggesting a microbrute - instead I’m implying that any synth that you find to be aurally pleasing with broad timbral capabilities is the best partner for any sampler. Heck midi wouldn’t even be a concern for me - just sample some sounds and deal with them in the box.

That said, sequencing an external synth over the midi channels is versatile, frees up sample tracks and allows you to bring the elektron sequencer paradigm to something that would otherwise require a DAW to reach for the kind of complexity that Elektron’s sequencer can facilitate. (so maybe midi and polyphony could be a requirement?)

So far the Digitakt has lead me to a sonic space that might be described as broken down, consumer, 80’s hi-fi. That’s not a neg, and nor is it an objective statement about the sonic character of the digitakt (although I hear that character in a lot of other people’s stuff - crispy, toppy, a little pristine but artificially inseminated with wonkiness). It is what it is - it’s the sonic space I’ve been drawn to inhabit. And weirdly, that vibe has lead me to consider Dave Smith’s modern synths, despite that fact that I’ve been resistant to their sound.
I have a feeling that something like the new prophet series or sequential OB-6 would sound super dope with the stuff I’ve made on Digitakt so far - although It probably helps that I’ve slowly ( glacially) been warming to the modern Smith sound for a while now. (Oh - and I’m not saying Dave’s stuff sounds like wonky 80’s hi-fi - just that I can hear how the DSI character could really compliment my Digitakt output thus far)


A crucial point just occurred to me. Well in truth it actually occurred to me the other day when I watched a snippet of a video about a techno nerd collecting found sounds. Nothing wrong with found sounds - it can be a fun and rewarding experience just recording them - but as I’ve been focusing almost exclusively on the Digitakt lately, I was stuck with one thought in response… Why bother? I’m really not very picky about sound / sample source on the digitakt. It’s so versatile in its ability to warp a sound out of all recognition, that quite often I find myself with a “lame” sound only to have warped it into something awesome sounding a few minutes or even seconds later. On the whole that’s more true of percussive elements (well it is a drum sampler) but I’ve been surprised a few times when I’ve recorded a synth into it, only to completely destroy the sound with overdrive, bit crushing and heavy filtering (plus plocks) completely annihilating the original character of the sound but nonetheless it sounds great and sits in the mix in a dope way. Not being able to route channels individually into my desk and apply EQ seemed like a use case for the OT or rytm II, but honestly I’ve been able to shape things up pretty nicely in the box and I appreciate its simplicity relative to the OT.

What I’m saying is - the Digitakt is so versatile that I genuinely believe that you could just use the factory samples and still produce a lifetime’s worth of dope sounding tracks. Maybe then the best synth pairing is simply the one you already own :smiley:


Make the most of that comb filter - God I miss my Blofeld for that reason alone. I know it’s digital, but whatever - there aren’t enough hardware based comb filter implementations in the world - give it some love!!!


After only a couple of days with my A4 MK2 I can now understand why so many choose it as their “desert island” synth.

I’m really impressed. Not only does it sound fantastic, but it has a huge sonic palette which I didn’t expect. Huge variety of sounds. It’s such a flexible instrument with tons of features under the hood, and I’m just scratching the surface. You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

A4 + DT = all you need really. Infinite possibilities, very fun combo. I’m really, really happy! :heart_eyes:


Since this Namm Show…A4 or Digitone. !-)


I have A4 mk2
It is amazing
But I dont need So much
Thats Why I will go to digitone


Hell yeah +1 to Digitone, it’s on my list :slight_smile:


Words to wiggle muffs by. A big part of that ebb and flow for me, is obsessively recording everything I do with a new synth; that’s when romance and naivete are at the peak excursion of that particular wave.


DN is DT’s #1 BFF now :two_men_holding_hands:


I’m really not a fan of the sound of the Digitone. Sure it is possible to create great patches, and I do love some (not many) of the presets. But the overall sound of fm, and all the bits in between the perfect patches, I can do without. I really wish it were virtual analogue, kind of like a Blofeld but with Elektron’s sequencer etc.


Hey there, is there anybody whos using digitakt with bass station 2 and would be so kind to answer few of my questions?? thank you


I don’t own a bs but what do you want to know?


a few things regarding midi cc…for ex…i read in midi sheet that some ccs are not a flat number but this 50:25(example), and some messages are not cc but nrps…im a bit confused about this im new to midi seq with hardware ty


I just ordered a Blofeld to pair with it, but I will probably give in and buy a Digitone at some point as well…


I will never get what does question are good for. It’s like asking what singer fits best to a guitar…

… of course it’s the Virus ti2, your should know that :wink:


Blofeld is always a good choice. If you get the unit and it works perfect, don’t do a update! I had to downgrade mine because the update to V.1.24 can bring some bugs on older units. Blofeld has pretty cool FM functions on all three oscillators including filter fm!


i think its more like what singer fits well with another singer. as one would probably be looking for another singer to fill the range that the first singer does not have. I believe for most people that this is the case here, what synth fills in for what the digitakt doesn’t do. in this case if one is looking for polyphony the virus and the blofeld are great choices and likely compliment the digitakt well.


Yeah absolutely. But even in the theoretical question which singer fit to singer X, it’s still the question what someone wants to achieve. Genre and personal preference can be totally different. It would be easier if it was a question like, which synth completes synth X. But a Digitakt can play all kind of samples…
Still interesting to read some of the „answers“ :slight_smile:


I and some of the other elektronauts posted a few tips and tricks in a Blofeld specific thread on this forum. Here is the link:

It became a very nice collection of knowledge about anything that’s Blofeld related. Really interesting for every Blofeld user! (Or should I call them members of Spectre?..just a James Bond reference;) )

There are even infos about the creation and import of wavetables.

Sorry for being off-topic!


nice! thanks so much for sharing. I’m sure I’m going to have lots to learn when it shows up


There’s a pretty juicy one in the Korg Radias as well.