Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


Id definitely chose the A4 if I could only have 1. so versatile. 4 monos, or stick it’s sequencer on 1/4 speed for 32bar chord / drone progressions.
id defo go for a poly tho as the DT can do some half decent monosynth lines itself.


I love my DX7IID. Have loads of sounds I cycle through, and the keys feel fantastic. Great for playing.


Those are guitar pedals right? Do they run at instrument level or line level? I’ve always had major problems using instrument level FX on line sources. Do you use direct boxes and stuff to make it work?


Ya there’s very little options for fleshed out FM synths, but this thing looks super cool:

Sounds different from the DX series too. More raw and nasty. I might snag one.


The monologue is, in fact, dope. I need another subtractive synth like I need a sharp stick in the eye and yet I had to pick one up. It did not disappoint - for any synth nerd it’s basically a box of joy.


after much back and forth ))<>((
I’ve decided to go try an OP1 in my local music shop.
I have a SH01a on order but if I really gel with the OP1 then I am going to buy it…
so either a JX03+Sh01A or an OP1


Bought the Op1… thing is awesome


Despite my love of analog, for portability, cost effectiveness and practicality I just bough a $300 Ultranova to pair with my digitakt. This thing is kind of like a cult classic underground sleeper hit of the synth world, and I’m starting to see why. It’s basically the poor mans Access Virus. I think it’s low resale value is due mainly to it’s hideous appearance.


How well would the Digitakt work with a Minilogue? Or is that not a good option to go for?


Why not a second hand access virus or Nord lead? A blofeld? A Novation nova desktop?


Only 1 synth?
Well then you want something that can do everything.
Virus TI


No not only one synth but was think it as my poly synth and then get a mono with it.


If you had to choose between Octatrack or Analog Four?

What would it be?..(with DT)


What’s your musical style? If it’s mostly sample based then go with the OT, you’ll have more tracks to work with plus kool fx’s and “dj tricks”. If you are into synth based music then Analog 4 is a great choice. The Analog 4 is great because you get 4 tracks of mono synth that you can use to produce lead, bass, pad, and drum sounds. The OT has a higher learning curve even for experienced Elektron users, the A4 you’ll be jamming right out the box. I say get both :loopy:


Would you guys get a Poly synth if you didn’t know music theory, couldn’t play chords etc and you were mostly looking for bass and leads? Because this is the position I’m in right now.

I’m making sample based hip hop and experimental/dark/gritty/techno/breakbeat/tech house/noideawhatitscalled music. Struggling to decide between the Sub 37, Peak and A4 MK2. Whichever I go for is going to be my one and only synth for a long time.


Only if it was multitimbral.

But also just learn some basic music theory, it’s really not that complex.


Meh, I think I’ll just get a 0-Coast for now and skip the more expensive synths I mentioned above for later.

Anyone here having fun with the DT+0-Coast combo?


This guy does :slight_smile:

I use the it mostly with A4.
But I should really take the time to sample the 0-Coast, I just love the sounds I can get from it !


Just ordered a 0-Coast, I’m VERY excited :smiley:


Someone on here has offered to swap my Minilogue for a 0 coast.

I’ve got a Digitakt and Analog Four MK1… and I’ve gotta say, I’m tempted!