Best synth to pair with Digitakt? If you only had one


One word: Nyx


I cannot stand the green/black LED that roland went for either… They look great modded though


Yeah definitely. Just don’t forget that the LFO is active though, I spent ages debugging an Ableton set one night and it wasn’t till the next day that I realised the OT was sending a slow LFO. duh.


based on the new firmware update , maybe a deluge would be good … some nice features have been added.

personally… something
built in fx
easy midi cc editing/tweaking.
multiple outs assuming a mixer is still ok.

nord 4r / Nord Modular (if you have a pc/mac too)
access virus
ipad + camera connection kit.
analog4 / rytm
yamaha a5000 / emu e4k ultra/newer versions / asr X , akai z4/z8/s5000/s6000
basically a sampler with good synthesis features .
maybe something cheaper like novation circuit , always handy to have sequencer functions on the other box.


I bought a Sh01a after being so impressed with the JX03. I love the one knob per function of the JX03 and the SH01a is like a more immediate version of that.
Plus side is my studio can still all fit in a backpack hahahaha


Anyone paired the A4 with a DT? Seems like the killer combo. Would probably get my vote, otherwise whatever new box Elektron develops next (DT form factor synth) hopefully fits this description :slight_smile: Still, with 3 new boxes and DT firmware on the horizon, might not see that till next year… Maybe it will be a standalone Push 3 that hopefully drops in November :slight_smile:


If we are talking absolute practicality the answer is the Blofeld. Sounds good, 16 part multi, easy-ish to program from the matrix layout, cheap. If money is no object I’d probably grab an A4 or three.





Thought about this a lot, and if I only were to keep two of my things it would be Digitakt and Roland JV-1010.


Not enough knobs… :slight_smile:




Thank you, I just love this video. I hope he makes more of them. :heart:


Yeah found this today, already watched 3 times! :smiley:


I’ll echo what others have said above. Get something Multi-Timbral. If you speak synth and know how to program sounds, any of the access synths, even an older Virus A, would be great. If your new to synthesis, get any of the Nord Lead line. I’ve owned a 2X, 3, and now a 4 and the Nord Leads are great for people just getting into synthesis because of their 1-knob per function nature, and they sound damn good. Honorable mention goes to my personal favorite Multi-Timbral synth, the Korg Radias. The Radias has excellent effects, you’ll get 4 voices out of it, and it has a ton of synthesis tools available, plus a COMB FILTER!!! Even an older Korg MS2000 would be good. Pretty sure the rack version of it can be had for pretty cheap on E-bay these days.

What ever you get, I’d highly recommend you make sure it’s multi-timbral.


I think multitimbral is kind of overrated, honestly, especially when you’re just going to resample it. It really depends, though. The way the MnM does it is great because the voices can interact with each other through routing and/or track trigs. Most synths I’ve used do multitimbral like it’s just 4 synths in one box.

I think it comes down to style and taste. If you have more orchestral, maximal leanings then multitimbral makes more sense. For the more minimal, techno minded, multitimbral synths can feel priggish, awkward, and detached. That said, I still fantasize about pairing my OT with an NL2 because it seems so immediate, and the drum kit mode seems fantastic - that’s my kind of multitimbral.


The sh-01a is not actually analog is it? It sounds pretty good in the demos, but I’m guessing the fake analog would be more noticeable in person.


That’s interesting. Would you post a track of this combo for us?


it doesn’t really matter… the Digitakt isn’t analog, yet it sounds good. Everything I’ve seen/heard about the sh01-a indicates that it’s a competent-sounding, even “dope” little synthesizer (w/polyphony)

together, they’d make a super-compact, highly functional (powerful) combo/pairing.


Haha I kind of agree… oddly in ok with the 1m, green leds are fine by me the green trim with the leds is a bit much as the greens don’t match at all. Yamaha CS01 mark2 actually looks really nice and has green trim in a similar way to the system 1 so I wonder if there are greater design problems at work on the regular system 1 as far as purely looking good.