Best Juno 60, Roland SH101, and minimoog plugin

Hi everyone!

I’m curious to hear your opinions!

Whats the best Juno plugin?

  1. Arturia?
  2. Softube Model 84?
  3. TAL-UNO?

and what about 101? Model 82? TAL-Bassline?

and minimoog? the app/vst from moog? or also softube? arturia?

Please share your experiences :slight_smile:

in my opinion: Softube for all three.
I compared them all.

Never owned the originals though
The softubes have some extra punch and magic in my ears. Their Juno is my favorite analog modeling


Most reviews I read seem to more or less agree on the softubes one. they are on sale now, perhaps I should go for it. Anyone have experience with the modular stuff from softube? can you use the modular sequencers to sequence other synth vsts (or create a midi pattern for instance?)

I got the Tal 101 the other day and it seems good. I was too tight for the Softube :stuck_out_tongue: it seems like people have enjoyed it for years before the Softube one…

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The later modules from their juno, sh101 and moog (you get the modules when you purchase the synths) sound superb and eat much less cpu .
The earlier doepfer and intellijel modules eat cpu for breakfast. On older macs pretty much unusable.
Probably less of a problem on the new m1/m2 macs.

I don’t like the ui. Adding and arranging modules is cumbersome.

You can sequence other synths with these modules, there is a midi in/out module

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Just regarding to the thread title: The softube juno is modeled after the 106.
The TAL after the 60


good addition. And I believe the arturia one emulates the Juno 6?

I can vouch for Softube. The Juno and 101 are something special in my opinion!

Recently bought the softube juno and think it sounds great. Though not a direct copy i also rate diva for Juno and moog sounds

Did a quick patch with the Juno osc in softube modular layering it with the doepfer osc which sounded great

I plan to pick up the 101 and moog softube apps when i can afford them. Maybe parallels also

I have the softtube 101, but I can’t get it so save in the state I want. parameters are changed after opening the project next session

Roland Cloud stuff sounds great…

never had this problem. Did you write to their support?

not yet, will do

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I can’t contact them as they think im a robot…

edit: it works now

Does anyone have opinions on how the Roland JU-06A compares to Juno-60 plug-in emulations?

Which DAW and which plugin format?

This happens to me too, using Ableton 11 (on all Softube Model plugins - VST3) :frowning: I think I noticed one instance saved properly which has a bunch of M4L LFOs modulating it. I’ll contact support as well.

That said, the Softube emulations sound best to me, after testing against the competition. I have my Moog and Roland flavors covered with them.

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Haven’t tried the softube 101, but the TAL is great, does the job well & has a great sequencer. I own most of the TAL synths, he’s a great developer.

for me, TAL.
would love to have Bassline-101 for iOS, but unfortunately U-NO-LX is currently the only one.

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Yeah, I’ve been hoping for that too

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