Best hardware midi arpeggiator

I am looking for an hardware arpeggiator to use with my A4, virus ti2 desktop And ob6.
Any advice? It has to be Also capable of storing midi patterns in order to load /change them quikly for live Usage

Not the cheapest one but the Nord modular G2 is the King !
You can store 8 variations on the fly without stoping it.
Polyphonic arp, midi cc, morphing , anything really.


midipal ?


Oberheim Cyclone?

Or the upcoming NDLR?

Does digitone arpeggiator work on the midi tracks?

No unfortunately :confused:

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No re-trigger midi on DT sequencer, no midi arpeggiator on DN…wtf are they thinking? Do they have meetings at elektron to decide how to best hamstring what could easily be world domination levels of musical functionality? It necessitates more boxes unnecessarily, when so much could be consolidated. Why tf would a midi sequencer of a synth be a diet version of what the native synth sequencer can already do? That makes no sense at all, it ain’t from tech limitation, it was a deliberate design decision at some point, which kind of pisses me off.


OP-Z! most powerful

What can OP-Z do that elektron sequencer can’t

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midi cc sequencing, advanced probality with step components, sequencable chord changes via mastertrack, punch-in fx, same behavior for midi as for the internal tracks (individual mutable) + all other things like great Synth engines, Sampler, Tape loop, audio routing thru internal fx (line-in/USB audio…to name a few

I’m wondering if there are any new midi arpeggiator options out there right now? I’m looking for something that can create more interesting arp patterns than the standard up/down/random combinations, preferably with probability or something similar.

This launches within the next few weeks…

Might as well pick up the soon to be crowned king of sequencers before the rest of the world discovers it :smile_cat:


I went through this question when I thought I had to replace my old Yamaha MOX8. I looked mostly at software options… Nothing satisfying really came up to be honest. Not in comparison to the Yamaha ARP capabilities.

In the end, I figured out how to dismantle and overhaul my Yamaha keybed, so I could keep it longer! I’d recommend the big Yam keyboards for their ARP implementation, there’s pretty much nothing else like it afaik. But I’ll watch this thread with interest!

This looks great, but completely overkill for my needs… I would like to keep using the Elektron sequencers because I have no patience to learn a completely new workflow, I just want something to create more interesting MIDI arps and send it to any given synth. If only Elektron would give us Midi Arps on the DT/DN… :roll_eyes:

On the Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3, you have 2 parameters (Deviate, Mutate) than can do cool stuff when using the Arp.


Now that looks very interesting, thank you!

In the meantime, if you have a synth with a killer Arp (like Hydrasynth), you can use its Arp if it can send it via MIDI.


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What about one of those Blokas Midi things? I think they allow you to do alla manner of clever stuff with midi, including arps

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