Best 3 Elektron hard case for a plane

:arrow_heading_up: Keep in mind that this one is too large for carry-on.

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Quick update:
I haven’t been doing many gigs this past year, partly due to a new job that requires some travel that often gets scheduled only a week in advance.

I’ve been using the HPRC 2550W with the foam removed as my main carry-on luggage, and its durability has been impressive. It just got banged to hell on my last flight with loads of marks on the case, but it still rolls on without issue. Super impressed with its durability.


Thank you for this! I’m moving down south in a few months and have just started looking for cases.

I just had a 2550W delivered today, and honestly I am a bit surprised at how difficult it is to close the lid with a RYTM MK1 oriented vertically like everyone is showing in their photos here. I know folks here said that the compression was tight, but dang it is really tight! Takes a lot of force to close, and the case lid visibly bulges when it is latched. Is everyone with a 2550 really putting that much pressure on their Elektrons?

It’s fine.
Only the foam is compressing and holding your steel cased elektrons securely in place.


Moar pics pls :slight_smile:

I would love to have a case as well but more something with everything already cabled so I open it and I just have one power cable to connect and everything is on.
I have as of today A4, AR, avalon bassline and two distortion pedals. I might add a small mixer or an OT to do the mixing job but I’m not too sure about that. Right now I have avalon into A4 which itself goes into AR which goes to the output.

Such a case would be impossible to carry onto a plane.

I’m not so successful that I would carry it in a plane :wink:
It is just to put in a car or take it from one room to another…


But this topic is specific to air travel.

There are other topics that are not.

Well then, excuse me.

Hi! just wanted to make sure, is your case considered as carry on? im trying to make something similar for my upcoming gig. i only need for octa and digitakt tho

The HPRC 2550 indeed does adhere to carry on luggage dimensions :+1:t3:

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amazing thank you!

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This is so close to being perfect. The perkons is so large unfortunately. If only they made it a few centimeters less deep…

Is there a bit of give inside of this case? Or are the inner dimensions really absolute? Perkons is about 310mm deep. That’s including end cheeks i can remove and the in/outs. Which would be okay to press a bit into the padding. Inner dimension of this case 288mm.
I guess 22mm difference is not going to work. :man_facepalming:t3:

You could work with a couple mm give, if it were mostly in the center. But 22mm? No, sadly

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Thanks. On goes the search.