Best 3 Elektron hard case for a plane

I’m in the market for either a 1510 or 2550w. @AdamJay how has the HPRC held up? I found this video comparing the two (host is a bit dweeby, sorry) and I’m curious if his critiques of the 2550w are valid. I’m trying to pack an OT w lid, Pioneer AS-1 w lid, Roland Rubix44, Erica Synths Acidbox III, small iPad, and all the power and audio cables. Do you think that would fit? I have zero experience with these pull-foam cases. I’ve been using a rolltop bag but want something more heavy duty for flying.

Yea, I’d make a single space of negative foam for the three. You could use heavy duty corrugated cardboard (3 ply or higher) between the covers and the bottoms of the OT next to the covers.

Good luck!

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Very well.

I also use it as my suitcase for non-gig vacations. I just take the foam out.
It’s been to South America, Europe… No issues. Always fits in the overhead.

FWIW I am no longer using the foam to transport Elektrons, and I am only transferring two.
My setup has changed and I can pack an AR MK2 and OT MK2 in it. I actually keep both of those, with covers, in the newer ECC-4 and ECC-3 bags. Both of these fit into the HPRC case. Lots of protection and some flexibility this way.


You mean that both bags with the AR MK2 + OT MK2 fits inside the HPRC case?



Thank you so much - just got the first few bits into my case!


looks good!

Good looking people

Thinking about getting a case for dark trinity (and maybe + Oktacontrol)

I was thinking using a PL2 lid on them all and just stacking them together, maybe with a thin bit foam between base and lid.

This casedoes look promising. Another case Ive had my eye on is Pelican 1440. Peli 1440 Protector Case | Buy Online from Peli UK.

For anyone looking to purchase the 2550w, HPRC is doing 20% off their wheeled cases on their website until Friday 19th April (free shipping too). If you sign up on their website, you can also get an additional 15% off - just saved me 100€ :slightly_smiling_face:

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the case seems to be durable, ex. transport on an airplane these are great too but bigger (for more machines) and slightly higher price…

I just got the case and I’m super excited to get it rolling :slight_smile:
I’m a little concerned about the pressure though. I’m using it for MD, MM, OT and PSU’s. I feel like i need to apply pressure with both hands or with a knee. I’m afraid it will damage the machines, and that’s the last thing I would want ofc…
So I guess what I’m asking is… Has anyone damaged their machines transporting them in this case?




Been using mine that way for years without issue.

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Thanks for the reply!
It is truly great how small the case is compared to my earlier means of transportation :slight_smile:

I’m working on my first diy flightcase, not all of the equipment is in it, I’m thinking to grab maybe a mono machine and on the side is place for modules

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Following the theme of the thread, you won’t be permitted to carry that onto an airplane.


Took a crack at this. Works beautifully :slight_smile: I might take the additional step of spraying the foam with something that will reinforce it since I have a single row of foam between the RYTM and the MD (would’ve ended up with a single row between 2 of them no matter where I chose to pluck it). Thanks everyone for the amazing tips on this, I managed to fit my RYTM, MD, MM, and ERM Multiclock.


I modified a rifle case to fit two elektrons and a prophet 6 desktop or one elektron, a Avalon and prophet 6 or three elektrons.

Just have bits of foam that come in and out

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my first live gig is coming up in 2 weeks time and I finally get to test the HPRC 2550W :luggage:

tried a few configurations and I was able to fit OT, MM, AH and DN, plus I’ll be able to squeeze an ideal DT which I’m planning to get in the long term :slight_smile:

it doesn’t fit AR and A4 mk2 unfortunately as they’re definitely too big :frowning: (AR mk2 fits perfectly in The North Face Recon laptop padded sleeve though!)

only taking DN, AH and OT this time, with some space for cables and PSUs

hope Manchester airport security won’t be a nightmare :smiley:


Found those, nice prices too!

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