Berlin suggestions

Wait, Love Parade is back? When did this happen.

Not exactly love parade but related, now that i read things better.

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It might be worth a tour. But concerts are best.

Berlin’s Schneidersladen new webshop is a BIG step up BTW!

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It’s probably a bad time to ask this question, but how’s Berlin these days? Often see talk of ‘not as good as the old days’, but is it still worth spending some decent time in? I ran around for a night one year going to a bunch of clubs, but the thought has struck me to spend some more time there in future.

I guess there is the current situation so no one knows how things will be post Covid 19. What’s the feeling about that in Germany in general?

Genuinely like the idea of just hanging out in the place for a few months, soaking up the local sights and sounds, buying records, once all this virus stuff settles down and international borders open.

Berlin has gotten a lot more commercial than it once was but still a very nice place to hang out. Lots of music, art, parties, design, good food and drinks. And still relatively cheap. I enjoy visiting it. Last time was last summer. I d be happy to stay a couple months for sure.


My wife was born here in Berlin (end 70s). Although Berlin is/was special because of its particular history … many Berliners are actually happy that Berlin is not that hip and trendy anymore. The after the Wall opportunities (there was not only happy partying but also a lot of forgotten violence and poverty…) could not go on forever… but will always be seen as historic events that pushed art and fashion in new territories.

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