Berlin suggestions

Hi nice elektronauts! I’m having a few day trip to Berlin in 3.-5.7. - does anyone have any suggestions for electronic music gigs, live music or parties, modular madness or anything else what I really shouldn’t miss while I am around?

Last few visits have been with kids so I haven’t been able to go to events at night but this time I have Berlin to myself! Which club is the place to go nowadays - it has been a while since my E-werk and Tresor adventures?




You have to visit hardwax at least


by day go to Koma Elektronik to solder a kit and drink a good beer, go to Schneidersladen to check out some cool synths, eurorack, etc, go to that new Elektron studios thing, check the many vinylshops if you like records, etc

by night: try Berghain


This place is interesting

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THIS 100%


Check in advance if they’re open for public business, they’ll politely let you look but are a little grumbly if they’re shipping product.

Thanks! How could I forget Schneidersladen?! I have ordered most of my eurorack there. The only problem that it might get expensive! :relaxed:

Don’t forget Just Music either, magic shop.

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Thank you Berlin - I had a wonderful few days!

Visited Schneidersladen, a great place, although I had a bit hard time levitating my way in. Succeeded too as I didn’t buy anything! Just Music had a great selection of synths on display. Hard Wax and Spacehall had to be visited. Some basic tourism too, but the highlight was the friday party at About Blank! What a great garden! Met some wonderful and friendly German and Chilean people there too!

Thanks Berlin, will visit again with better time!


Yeah I loved this place when I went! The actual music being played was merely okay, but the vibe and the garden in particular made it special. Berlin is definitely a special place for clubbing e.g. compared to London where I live (although things do seem to be improving a little here)


Breakfast at “father carpenter” and dinner at “azzam” (sonnenallee)!

Guess you’re not the youngest one anymore when you remember E-Werk. :wink:

That club was the business. It’s the blueprint of Jerkhain.

Old Tresor was ace too. I’ll never forget my first The Advent rinse out down the basement. And Joey Beltram… That man was a demigod to me as a 17 years old.


I still have somewhere an old drinks token for E-werk! :sweat_smile:

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Cool. These two clubs were my second homes. Sadly, Berlin has changed a lot over the years (and not for the best). But that is how things are going I guess.

In Berlin this evening.
On the off chance, anywhere where I’m likely to catch some live electronic music.
Don’t want something requiring tickets, just something cool and worthwhile.
Any ideas

Or some cool electronic deep techno/house?

In the bus to Berlin as we speak. Just realized it s gonna be the Love Parade while I m here :smiley:

Though the intention is for a slow vacation. Had my fair share of Berlin clubbing. Very stoked to go to Deep Web at Kraftwerk though:

Check out the Funkhaus too.

Apparently no concerts till september. Is there something to see besides concerts?