Ive noticed a thing where more times than not, the person complaining is just parroting something they heard.
For example, countless times I’ve seen the ol, “The OT’s effects are crap!”
Yet when I have asked many of those people if they have an OT or used one, the responmse is almost ALWAYS, “No, thats just what I heard”

So I see most of these complaints as just a bunch of parrots who dont really know.

Tis strange that Behringer crit posts get flagged a lot vs OT crit


A lot of it is preventative maintenance.
We know what kind of posts lead to flame wars and pull a thread down into the gutter, and we try to nip those in the bud. It may seem heavy handed, but think of it as diverting the flow further up stream before it turns into a violent torrent.

Some of it is also things slipping through the cracks because us mods don’t necessarily want to read the 20 posts that precede a flagged post (especially in a B thread, because you know how those can be!) to get the full context as to why it’s being flagged. So we make judgement calls, and yes they are sometimes debatable.

Ultimately, we do our best while also trying to balance our own mental health because if you had to moderate this forum by keeping up with every post in the heavily flagged threads, you’d quit as moderator, as a few people already have.

So yea, some posts might get removed or hidden or moved, while others don’t, and you might ask why this one and not that one? There’s a lot of possibilities. Some might turn into PMs that you don’t see, as they are discussions we are having with the posters to keep the vibe of the forum the way it is. In the end, we’re striving toward balance, and doing all we can to keep discussions open, but some discussions do end up in the gutter, despite our actions, and repeated pleas.

I’ll end with this thought.

Some of you may have noticed that I don’t post as much as I used to. I came to the conclusion that many of my replies weren’t worth the time to type them, or others’ time to read them. They were throw away posts that weren’t helping many threads. Just thoughts coming out of my head and onto the forum. I discovered I didn’t have to post every thought I had, and if it wasn’t adding value to the discussion, it was better to just read what others had to say before I replied. I was reacting, rather than replying.
It’s not for everyone, but I think if others took the time to consider their posts, with less knee jerk reaction, we’d see an Elektronauts that resembled more Elektron-users era qualities, than the argumentative Gearspace it can sometimes devolve into.


Ive only flagged once in many years. Im amazed at the trigger happy people who exist in this forum.


Thanks @AdamJay for everything you do, and for giving your take on this in your usual courteous and stoic manner.


I’ve come to a similar conclusion over the past months myself. Not only am I taking more time to consider what I’ve written before posting, but I’m also going back and deleting old posts that either didn’t add value in the first place, or were time sensitive and no longer add value. Would be nice if there was a way to delete more than ~10 posts per 24 hours, though.


Of all the Boringer threads, this is one of the boringerest. :wink:


Well said G!

Loving that Electro too :wink:

I just flagged the separate Behringer products threads to be moved into the Behringer gear thread, then I only have to mute 1 thread instead of loads of them.


The real question is: when will they clone the Syntakt?


That’s very good.
But please provide the link next time, B treads are also mute here, and not that easy to find.

And you say that you don’t like B, but I see that you felt the need to create yet another B thread :rofl:

Edit: found it!

Please people, use the following thread to put all Behringer announcements. We don’t need one thread for every hypothetical B product, so I’d say as long as the product is not for sale, get your posts here:


Well about 5 new B posts appeared recently, apologies for not providing link.

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@darenager I think you’d really love Behringer gear if you tried these baby’s I just bought, £75 each mate you can’t grumble :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


The idea of astroturfing isn’t outside of the realm, I think it was happening a bit in some other forum type areas around the web a while back. I don’t think it is really happening here though as it is mostly regulars making these threads. I do agree if feels a little noisy when a company is “releasing” so many products. In a way it is a good move as advertisement, they are basically constantly in your face with some new thing that isn’t actually out yet and then maybe you look at what you can currently buy from them.

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Surprised this wasnt flagged :rofl:

I was just joking. I can’t bear(inger) neither.

Would you mind pasting the links in the first post of the discussion, please?

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Errr it just has been, that’s 4 tonight I think, oh well there’s snowflakes everywhere these days. Is this KVR in disguise? I wonder :rofl:

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Most likely Rob, I don’t hate all their gear and never said I have (fake news :joy: ) I even sometimes say when I think they did something good. I just dislike the company and its practices, if they were not morally and ethically devoid, I would have no reason not to buy some of their stuff. It is actually difficult to resist some of their gear, but I will always.

There is sometimes a strange and erroneous conclusion drawn by some Behringer fans that people who don’t like Behringer are against cheap gear or clones, obviously not most of the regulars here but the occasional random knobhead.


Well I absolutely agree with you there about ethics but… I want to make music and if something sounds good I just buy it mate, the average Joe on the stret doesn’t give a shit about how you made the music (or what you made it with) as long as it sounds good but I definitely get where you’re coming from here. Respect mate :+1:



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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