Myself and maybe some other long term members on this forum are noticing that there are tons of Behringer posts being created, a side effect of the number of products perhaps, but despite there being a thread specifically for Behringer products, it is not always being used, and not always are the posts merged to it.

I quite well understand and welcome the fact that we can talk about other brands here, I think it is great that we can talk about and criticise or praise gear, whether it is Elektron or other brands.

But I have noticed, for reasons that are unclear, that very often posts critical of a Behringer product get moved or flagged, even if they are not off topic.

It is no secret that I dislike Behringer, but I try to keep on topic, and aside from an occasional joke at their often (as I see it) bad design or dubious tactics, I also will say if I think there is anything positive about a particular product.

Yet often I see that posts are flagged, or worse removed, but any other brand or gear that I do the same for this rarely if ever happens. I also notice that any other brand including Elektron is fair game for other users without any flagging or removal of posts.

I appreciate the need for moderation, but sometimes it feels too heavy handed WRT to Behringer, and even biased toward them.

AFAIK Behringer do not have their own forum, so it begs the question are Behringer employees operating on this forum? It sure feels that way, and I definitely would not put it past them.

What do you guys think, including @moderators ?


Looks like you just uncovered the Elektronauts shadow government :female_detective:


Posts get flagged because the endless negativity makes the forum a worse place to be. Someone cant post a single bit of news without the same few people popping up and criticising them. Its incredibly boring.


Perhaps B* is seen as a possible gateway drug to the hard stuff: Elektrons :joy:


Oh really, but only in the case of Behringer yeah? Seen how many OT crappy sound quality posts got removed, because last time I looked it was NONE. Or how many criticising Roland boutique posts got removed, because it was exactly NONE.

Get it now?


lmao the thread title :rofl:

I had to click


The idea that Behringer spies are flagging your posts is ridiculous. People are just bored of reading the same thing in every thread. Octatrack sound quality posts are about the Octatrack, an Elektron product.


@darenager what’s the chances of Behringer Brown Ale being cloned this year? :beer: :beer: :beer::rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


TBH, we’re bored of OT sound quality posts too.


So people are bored of posts critical of Behringer gear, but not of any other gear?


Hahahaha ya daft twat lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Posts critical of other gear don’t instantly turn into 100 post threads of negativity like they do with Behringer gear. Anyway this thread is deranged gonna mute it.


Are you saying that other manufacturers receive the same amount of parallell discussions as Behringer does when new gear is announced?

People need to understand that no matter if they’re right or wrong regarding their view on Behringer, it gets old real quick for other readers to see the same jokes/arguments over and over in any/all news threads regarding Behringer.

In my case i just want the news about the gear. For the other stuff there already is a meme, and a “clone wars” thread.


Just want to say that “Belektronauts” doesn’t feel quite right, usually the “B” replaces another letter rather than adding to the name.

If we sub the “b” in for the second “t” in our name we could be… Elektroknobs?


hmmm, so that’s what it looks like when you don’t have all the B threads muted, eh? Interesting.

Anyway, yea I think the number of B products indicates the number of B threads. And the price point and politics brings in more folks than say, Nord threads. It is what it is. Us mods try to keep it open for discussion but the main thing is staying on topic, and when that doesn’t happen it can be a lot of work. And a general b-moan thread isn’t ideal for the vibe we’re trying to have on the forum, either.


Yet OT sounds bad etc threads are pretty numerous, no flags, no removed posts. On an Elektron forum, not a Behringer forum.

I mean there are plenty of opinions I don’t agree with, I see no need to flag though, a discussion without contrary views is an echo chamber and quite frankly of little appeal. It is rather overly sensitive to me.

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Ok well then feel free to nuke this thread.

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I have yet to see an OT thread trigger countless posts about orthogonal matters such as politics.


I’m bored of Behringer threads.

I’m bored of Behringer Synths.

I’m bored of people moaning about behringer Synths.

I’m bored of people moaning about behringer threads.

I’m bored of people on behringer threads moaning about people moaning about behringer synths on Behringer synth threads.

I’m Carol Borederman.