Behringer RD-9

Just seen this on YouTube

This looks good. I’m so tempted to get this.

Yeah I think I’m gonna wait for both the RD-808 and RD-909… hope they’re not too expensive.

Same. I already have too many drum machines and will still get both of them (eventually anyway).


Probably 400 each. Not bad at all

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I really hope these have the HEFT of the originals. Unlike Roland’s modern offerings.

Today I ordered a TR8s and a Blue SH01a should be fun whilst waiting for the Behringer machines coming out.

So how many mixer channels you reckon one would need for recording all indiouts of a RD808, RD909 and an AR simultaneously? :diddly:

I’m going to need one monster of a mixer hehehe


I want the 808 and 909 when they hit the shops…impatiently hoping they’d get on with it!!

Noticed the 808 packaging… hopefully that’s a sign the 808 at least isn’t far off now.

I love the 808 but I wont be getting one soon. Ill get one if I ever move to a larger place but for now its too big for my desk.

And the finished 808 boxes on the bottom tell me they should start shipping soon.


Overheard at the Behringer booth: 808 to be with distributors end of this month and 909 approx around September. So there you go! :slight_smile:

The 909 does look good, indeed and sounds good too! Didn’t get a chance to play with it, it was always super crowded and my patience got the better of me but did hear some others playing over the monitors.


cool, so im guessing/hoping the MS101, crave and maybe the Pro-1 are not too far off.

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While we’re talking all things Behringer I’ve been eyeing their X32. And dribbling a bit.

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I have read much praise about it. Its considered a very good deal for the price.

I went with an Allen & Heath SQ5 myself. If I get an i/o expander for it, 32 channels will not be a problem.

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Back in the day I started out on an Atari sequencing hardware so i always based setup around a mixer. As time moved on I got a 24 Ch Tascam desk with midi mutes and I want to hardware sequencers but still used hardware synths, samplers and drum machines.

I eventually went ITB but I’ve returned to my roots (with a bit of help from Elektron!) so I’m looking at moving back to a desk. I’ve still got the Tascam but as soon as I saw the X32 I could see how it could become the anchor of my setup again, especially with some midi integration beyond the simple (but effective) midi mutes on the Tascam.

Sounds like you started around the same time as I did then. All I can say is that if the word “dawless” confuses you (back in the day it was all dawless!) and you’ve never used a digital mixer with full recall in your setups, you’re in for a treat! Having a desk that recalls your entire OTB session feels like a million bucks :nyan:

I strongly recommend trying one

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Must admit the thought of total recall is soooo appealing!

I CANNOT watch another bad demo like this! Did these maniacs notice that the Analog Filter is switched on with resonance set to maximum? The design improved a lot compared to the prototype that was presented on SB´18.

i dont know, didnt film it