Behringer RD-6 606 clone


150€. Instabuy.

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606 units sound so different from one to the next, I wonder how they go about cloning it.

Cool that they added a distortion circuit

Oh, and a clap from the DR-110

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looks very limited what it can do. Still waiting to see if RD 9 ever happens


More limited than TT-606.
Much less limited than TR-606.

I’m not a Behringer fan, and won’t buy this, but I support them doing what Roland refused to do.


If they can get the hats right, they’ll sell a ton of these. Need some more demos.

yea, definitely need to hear the combo open/closed sound, and how they all interact with accent

Where did you see that price published or mentioned? I haven’t seen it anywhere yet.

Ask.Audio says TBA but i think they just regurgitate a majority of their info anyway.

Isn’t this a weird reality we live in? I was kind of expecting this 606 clone to come along, and here it is! Sounds really cool in the demo!

Even if Roland had made this thing, it would still be made in China (def not a slam on Chinese manufacturing, they are amazing) and cloned by engineers working for them that had nothing to do with the original design. Behringer or Roland, seems the same to me… only difference is the logo in terms of “legitimacy” so I’ll take the best price please. I’m just floored that B has the manufacturing ability to put the RD-6 and everything else they’ve announced into simultaneous production, what a feat!


“I’m just floored that B has the manufacturing ability to put the RD-6 and everything else they’ve announced into simultaneous production, what a feat!”

Practice makes perfect, and they sure have been practicing.

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Actually sounds quite nice I think, the hats are definitely not right, still decent though.

Clap addition is handy, and seems to sound better than TT-606 clap, overall though TT-606 is better for me.

I’m still hoping Roland do a boutique one though.


“No word on price as of yet, but as the TD-3 is attractively priced at £139 we can expect its analogue drum machine companion to come in at a similar price tag. NAMM 2020 isn’t over just yet, and rumour has it Behringer has a few more tricks up its sleeve over in ‘Banaheim’. Stay tuned for more.”


Yes, please.


And now I don’t regret selling my original one many years ago for a bargain price!


So is the 150€ price confirmed?

Looking forward to buying this

I wonder if it does the pulse trigger lenght thing where the sounds decay faster on faster tempos. That would be very useful!

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Hmmm… I guess this one is emblematic of the problem I have with some of Behringer clones. Specifically that they’re too slavish to the original. Obviously, some clones add some noteworthy additions but too many are too safe. I guess that for folk who are cherishing authenticity that’s cool… but just not for me.

As much as I like the sound of the 606, it just feels too limited. So, the additional clap is cool, the distortion forgettable. But I can’t help wishing that they’d went for a layout that was “inspired by” rather than “replica of” so they could fit on some additional control. Not necessarily much but even adding in decay and tuning for each voice and this would’ve been great.


Don’t put it past Behringer to start re-releasing more advanced models of these classics. That would actually be ideal. Modify the look a bit, larger feature set, and increase the price some. They could distance themselves from all the bad press about doing exact replicas this way also. Not holding my breath though.

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I have a modded TR-606 that has some cool variable pitch/tune/decay on the bass and snare drum. I would imagine that adding mods to this wouldn’t be too difficult.


Maybe B was influenced by the fact that there are already two other 606 inspired drum machines on the market with additional synth parameters and tricks. (TT-605 & Drumatix), and inna usual B style sought to make it as cheap as possible but with a little more than the OG 606 (voice outs + clap + distortion).

Perhaps they realize that a lot of the 606 market is gonna be folks who already have a 606 of some other variety and €149 will simple be an impulse purchase for them, and that another chunk of potential buyers will just be thankful it’s a €149 drum machine that doesn’t sound like a Rhythm Wolf or ‘Brute variant.

I woulda killed for a 606 with individual outs for the price of a DR-110 and a distortion pedal back in 1999


That would involve some actual R&D…