Behringer PRO-800

From Behringer FB:

"What an exciting day!!! The PRO-800 is alive!!!Some time ago we started a wonderful journey with the famous synth designer GliGli who rose to fame for his highly respected improvements around the Sequential PRO-600.

Together with GliGli we have taken this beautiful synth to the next level. The PRO-800 is now an fully polyphonic, 8-Voice Dual VCO synth with many new features.

We’re working hard to get it to you below US$ 600 while shipment is targeted for coming January."


Ok… color me intrigued!

An 8-voice Pro-One??? That would be so fat.

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Its based on the prophet 600. The verbiage there is very confusing (I’d suspect on purpose).


Look nice

errr… maybe? I assumed it was a Prophet 600 re-make based on the image, writeup, and mention of GliGli. however… the Prophet 600 was based on chips 3340, 3360 and 3372. the 3372 is the VCF - obviously a key part to any synth’s sound/character. Cool Audio (Behringer) have not re-made this chip, or at least haven’t announced that they have. nor have they re-made the 3360. they did re-make the 3340 (VCO) and the 3320, which is the VCF chip in the Pro One. so… maybe they’re just making an 8 voice Pro One with that combo, instead of actually trying to 100% recreate the sound of the Prophet 600?


Three days after the official announce of the Polybrute from Arturia…
Well well well, I’m really in a weird love/hate relationship with Behringer



This looks really interesting. I’m digging Behringer’s concept of clones with serious modernized/upgraded features.

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oh god. And still it comes

I really wish Dave Smith could sue the arse out of them

I’ll check out of this thread now before I get told off again


If that actually stayed in tune at all (unlike the Boog I had last year) it could be awesome.

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Good knowledge! Sounds like this is most likely.

Intrigued to hear the sound. Shame it’s so… Ugly! At least to me it is :grimacing:

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Don’t think that’s really behringers fault


I don’t understand why companies can’t sue Behringer for this stuff.

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Well, the schematics are public, the patent is probably outdated, loads of companies are making clones of these products. It’s just that behringer makes clones of all of them. But I’m not clear on why the physical similarities, especially with the logos aren’t a problem.


Hope they’re treating GliGli well. Meaning, a fair financial arrangement and working conditions.

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The synth is based on two dual VCOs offering saw pulse and triangle on VCO A, and saw, pulse, tri, and saw, pulse, triangle, PW on VCO B. Also onboard is a noise generator. It features an analog filter with the controls cutoff, resonance, envelope, and kybd. Further, it has two ADSR envelopes, one LFO with different destinations, and a poly mode section.

The Pro-800 also has a MIDI input and CV inputs/outputs for modular synths on the frontpanel. On the backside, you have a single output, footswitch input, MIDI routing matrix, MIDI Thru, USB connection, and a power supply input. It is a pity that it has no stereo out, only mono what is a bit strange for polysynths.

I can already see that the single LFO and mono out will be an instant turnoff to some - not to me personally, but some - never mind the company itself.

EDIT: Tom says there are CV outs but I don’t see any in the photos.

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well… that’s how the Prophet 600 was. bear in mind that it’s main claim to fame was being the first synth with MIDI. known as “the poor man’s Prophet 5” the same way the Junos are known as that in relation to the Jupiter 8. but really the Prophet 600 was never very highly regarded or sought after, at least not the same way Junos have been. a weird move for them cloning something not a ton of people want. but… if they do a Prophet 5 first, would anyone ever buy this? and many have said the 600 is quite close to the Prophet 6, so this is B’s way of stealing that market a bit by coming in at a third of the cost (or whatever).

well, yeah, there’s always that…

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I’m not bothered by the single LFO at all, personally. It’s just that when I saw that, I thought of all the whining over the Minilogue XD and Prologue having only one LFO. I figured might as well point it out so peeps who are bothered by that can drop off the thread already. I suppose I tend to be optimistic. :laughing:

At present, I’m intrigued and will remain so until I here GliGli got mistreated by B.

For possible comparison, a demo of Prophet 600 w/ GliGli mod(s).